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April 2016

social media 101 for dentists

How Can My Dental Office Implement Social Media Better?

Social media has become a requirement for businesses in today’s day and age. It’s unheard of for a business not to have a Facebook or Google+ page. Social media has become the best way to stay in touch with your patients next to sending direct emails or phone calls. You can reach out to a large audience, interact and display your practice’s accomplishments with the simple use of social media. Learn how you can enhance your dental brand with the help of social media.

Use Social Media to Display Your Accomplishments

Social media is a great place to display recent smile makeovers, holidays, new blog posts, website updates, even personal accomplishments of people in your office. No matter what you post, it’s always good to keep an active online presence. Social media is also free advertising, so why not post about all of the procedures you offer and the smile makeovers you have created?

Encourage Patients to Review Your Practice

You can post reminders for patients to review your practice on social media. The more reviews you have, the better it looks when someone is researching for a new dentist office. Encourage your patients to post their reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Google. You can post links to the pages so your patients have easy access to post reviews. For even more encouragement, offer a prize for one lucky reviewer.

Educate Your Patients

It’s been embedded in our heads since we were old enough to brush our teeth that we need to brush twice a day and floss daily, but patients don’t know what else they can be doing to maintain optimal dental health. On social media, share information about gum disease, toothaches or other dental problems that you think patients might not know a lot about. Knowing more might encourage them to come in to discuss their options.

Mention Procedures You Havedental procedures for social media

Patients might be unaware of some of your procedures you offer such as cosmetic dentistry. By posting about these procedures, it can encourage any viewers to consider getting it for themselves. Let patients know that there is more to dentistry than just maintaining the health of teeth but also the appearance of teeth. This will encourage your viewers to learn about the procedures and possibly even share it with someone they know might be interested.

How Do I Acquire Followers and Likes?

When your dental practice’s social media pages are first created, you will be lacking in followers and likes. One great way to encourage your patients to like your pages is by asking them to do it while they are in the office, or if you have an email on file, send an announcement for them to follow you. You can even hold a random prize for someone who has followed your page. Another way is to put the link on your appointment reminder cards. It will remind them of their appointment and to follow your social media! Once you accumulate enough followers, your page will be getting lots of likes on your posts.

Contact Us

At Dental Affiliate, we create social media profiles for all of our clients, so if you’re unsure of where you should begin, contact us today and we will help you out. Invest in content marketing to boost your search engine ranking and also have great blog posts to share with your patients. What are you waiting for? Boost your online presence now and experience the many perks of social media for your dental practice.

patient reviews improve seo

How Patient Reviews Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization is made out of a handful of tactics. This includes website content, meta descriptions, and even patient reviews. Patient reviews are often overlooked when it comes to improving search engine rankings, but they can actually be a strong factor. We already know that patient reviews play a huge role when it comes to patients choosing a practice.  When searching for a new dentist, one negative review can divert someone away from your practice. If you have a strong SEO strategy, odds are the patient is checking out your reviews after seeing that you are at the top of search results. It’s up to you to provide the best service possible to gain the best reviews. Your patient reviews will affect your SEO as well as your business.

Create Intriguing Google Search Snippets

When your review page pops up on search results, it’s important that they showcase positive reviews and 5 stars as a way of click bait. This intriguing snippet will bring a user to your review page and if they only see good reviews, you have a better chance of them clicking onto your website. More clicks to your website from an outside source increase your SEO. Having great patient reviews, therefore, increases your potential patients and your overall SEO.

Create Unique and Fresh Content

Search engines love nothing more than fresh and unique content touching your website often. If you have a loop patient reviews running through your website, this is creating more searchable relevant keywords for Google to look at. Continue to gain new patient reviews to keep the fresh content flowing and the relevant keywords appearing.

Increase User Time On Site, Lower Bounce Rate

In today’s day and age, consumers are more likely to trust other consumers over the content on a company’s website. Therefore, your patient reviews are more valuable to your practice than any content on your website. Having patient reviews and testimonials on your website shows that you know how consumers pick their next dental practice. It allows for them gain more trust in your practice because you are showcasing the experiences of your patients, rather than hiding them from view. When a patient has a sense of trust while on your website, they will easily spend more time on it rather than clicking away. The longer a patient spends on your website, the more credible you become to search engines; thus increasing your SEO. Clicking through your website is also another way for search engines to determine if your website is useful. If there is a high bounce rate, it shows search engines that the content on the website wasn’t what they were looking for.

How Do I Gain More Reviews?

To increase your patient reviews, we have a simple solution for you. With our product ReviewDoor, you can text patients after their visit to your dentist office where they will receive a link to review their experience. The best part about this product is that the review will go straight to you before being posted on your website. Prevent negative reviews from becoming public and learn how to improve your practice. ReviewDoor automatically loops your reviews on your specified review page. All you have to do is use the software to text your patients and watch the reviews pour in. Contact us today to learn more about ReviewDoor and start gaining more positive reviews while stopping negative reviews today.

call tracking

Call Tracking Dynamic Number Replacement

Call tracking dynamic number replacement is an easy way to see what is working what isn’t. This software puts dynamically generated replacements in place of regular phone numbers to collect user behavior on the website. This helps owners see the behavior and patterns of their users that led them to make a phone call. There has been speculation that this call tracking technique is similar to the black-hat tactic known as “cloaking.”  Read on to learn more about what cloaking is and how to implement call tracking.

What’s Cloaking and Do We Use it?

Cloaking is a black-hat tactic that is essentially lying to your users. Cloaking is used to lie about your website’s content in order to attract the search engines for relevant keywords. This will attract a lot of new website visitors; however, it is ineffective because the users will angrily leave once they see how irrelevant your content is to their search. This violates Google’s terms because it does not provide the information that the user is trying to look at. When you violate Google’s terms, this will destroy your SEO.

Call tracking does not use cloaking in any way. The phone number that is replaced still dials into the dentist office, therefore the user is calling the place they are trying to reach which is not a malicious or deceptive move. This will not get your website black listed from Google or hurt your SEO strategy. Cloaking would be unwise to invest in because it can ruin the future of your SEO strategy.

Call Tracking with Dynamic Number Replacement

The system takes the real phone number to your dentist practice and replaces it with a unique phone number. This phone number allows for the user’s behavior on the website to be tracked and reported. This information is great for dentist offices to see what led the patient to their phone call. You will be able to know what the patient was looking at when they decided to give your practice a call whether it was on a landing page or an advertisement.

Contact Us

If you have questions about cloaking or want to implement call tracking on your website, give us a call at Dental Affiliate and we can help you. Or feel free to fill out our online contact form to be contacted.

before and after photos

Are Before & After Photos Really That Important?

One of the pages your website is missing that is setting you apart from your competitors, is a smile gallery filled with before and after photos. A smile gallery is incredibly important for displaying your talents and abilities as a dentist. This is where cosmetic dentists prove their worth. If you have not started taking before and after pictures of your patients yet, it’s time to start. The following are reasons why you start featuring before and after photos on your website.

Before and After Pictures Are Your Own Best Advertisement

When you decide on purchasing a new product like a weight loss product, you will base your decision mainly on reviews and before and after photos. It’s highly unlikely you will buy a $100 set of workout DVDs if there are no proven results from it. Why would a patient ever agree to cosmetic work from their dentist if they don’t have any idea of the results they might get? Displaying before and after pictures is a great way to advertise your skills as a dentist. Your patients will be impressed by results and agree to receive the procedure from you.

It Enhances Your Credibility

If a dentist is advertising that they give the best cosmetic dental procedures in town but doesn’t have any picture evidence to prove it, the dentist won’t seem credible. When a dentist has before and after pictures to back up their credentials, their credibility goes way up. This helps a patient make their decision at ease and creates a worry-free dental experience.

Patients Will Know What to Expectbefore and after photo

When a patient is considering a full mouth reconstruction, they will be cautious when choosing their dentist. The procedures they will undergo won’t come cheap which is why they will be researching extensively for the right dentist. One way to persuade that patient to come to your practice instead of others is by displaying before and after photos. This is a great place to display all the smiles you have transformed in your dental office. A patient might see a similar dental problem that they have and see how it’s been fixed in your dental office. With evidence of great results, they won’t hesitate to give your practice a call for a consultation.

Great for Social Media

One of the awesome aspects of social media is the ability to share everything. With your dental practice’s social media profile, you can have an entire album of photos dedicated to your smile transformations. When you post photos, there’s a good chance someone will like or share your photo and in result, it will reach their range of friends. From there it can spread like wildfire reaching potentially a large range of people. This can spark an interest in your dental practice, creating more prospective patients for you.

Where Do I Start?

It doesn’t take much to start creating a portfolio of your dental accomplishments. All you need is a camera and great results. First, confirm with your patients that it’s okay to take before and after photos, next, grab your camera and take some shots before the procedure and after the procedure. We recommend capturing a photo of just the teeth for the patient’s privacy (unless they want their entire face featured).

How Can Dental Affiliate Help?

At Dental Affiliate, we provide all of our clients with not only a beautiful website but a smile gallery filled with our client’s stunning dental transformations. We keep the smile galleries updated for our clients so that their accomplishments are always on display. Contact us today to learn about our website designs, social media marketing, and other great options to help you have the best dental website possible.


What’s So Great About Video Testimonials?

Sure, written reviews are great for your practice but they do not capture the personality and energy of the patient like a video would. In 2017, it’s projected that 74% of internet traffic will be from videos. This means that the great majority of internet users will be spending their time on the internet watching videos. This is why it’s crucial for dentists to invest in video marketing now to stay ahead of the curve. Video testimonials are a great asset to your practice’s internet presence on search engines, social media, and your own website. Learn how powerful patient testimonials can be.

Videos Appear More Sincere

It’s highly unlikely that a dental office will go out of their way to hire an actor to state how much they love their dentist, that normally only occurs on TV commercials. Video testimonials are actual patients just stating how they feel about their experience with their procedures. If a patient didn’t love their dentist or experience, they would not take time out of their day to say their message on a video. These videos are from dedicated patients, as opposed to patients who take a minute out of their day to write a review online. Both ways of reviewing are great, but videos show more dedication and sincerity.

Before and After Pictures Can Be Displayedpatient testimonial before and after

With video testimonials, you not only hear about the patient’s experience, but you get to see the results. Think of infomercials for work out DVDs, the patient testimonials are the most convincing part of the commercial. You see how an average person like yourself can transform their body into one you desire and makes the viewer believe they can achieve the same results. This works the same as patient testimonials for your dental practice, a viewer will see how your patient’s smile has been transformed and will consider getting work done for themselves.

Your Patients Will Feel Special

Let’s be honest, we all want our 5 minutes of fame. If you ask your patient to give your practice a testimonial, they will most definitely agree to help you. Even if this video will only be displayed on the internet, it is always exciting to be featured in a video. Your patient will most likely share the video with their friends and family who might be so impressed that they agree to come to your practice as well!

Videos Show How Much Your Practice Cares About Your Patients

When a patient writes a review, it shows how much the patient cares about the practice. When a patient gives a video testimonial, it not only shows how much the patient cares about their dentist, but it shows how much the dentist cares about their patient. The dentist is taking time out of their busy day to create a video of their patient’s experience and then featuring it on their website and social media.

How Do We Get Started on Creating Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials are not super complicated. Ask some of your patients who have had a good experience at your practice or a complete smile transformation if they would help your practice out by giving a testimony on camera. With our video production team at Dental Affiliate, we can create all of your video testimonies for you. All you have to worry about is creating a great experience for your patients. Contact us at Dental Affiliate today to learn how we can help you create a better online presence.

Website Redesign

Does My Website Need a Redesign?

If you have had the same website design for more than 3 years, it’s most definitely time for a website redesign. Although there is no time limit on website designs, the internet is constantly changing and websites are becoming more complex. Here are the top ten signs your dentist office’s website needs a redesign.

  1. It’s Not Responsive On All Devices

In today’s day and age, it’s aggravating to come across a website that isn’t responsive with your phone or tablet. This makes your experience as a user unpleasant and will usually lead you to navigate away from the site. Having a responsive website is critically important for maintaining as many viewers as possible on your dental website during today’s mobile revolution.

  1. It’s Takes a Long Time to Load

Evidence of an old website can easily be seen from the amount of time it takes for the website to load. If it takes more than five seconds, there is something wrong. With a website redesign, your dental practice’s website will be designed with speed in mind, creating a faster load time. This will prevent patients from navigating away from your slow website.

  1. It’s Outdated and Visually Unappealing

If you compare recent websites to ones that are just a few years old, it’s really easy to see which one is outdated. Having an up-to-date website is important for your viewer’s experience. Newer websites load faster, look better, and have better content.

  1. You Are Not Ranking On Search Engines SEO Website Redesign

Having old content that is stuffed with keywords, or code that is hurting your SEO, will cause your website to lack a ranking on search engines. Fresh content and a fully optimized website will help you find your dental practice at the top of ranks. After your website is looking new, you can invest in content marketing and other marketing strategies to help you gain even better results.

  1. It Never Gets Updated

If your website never gets updated, odds are it’s showing incorrect or irrelevant information. Showing incorrect information on your website is bad for business. Lack of updates also shows your viewers that you don’t care about keeping your online presence updated.

  1. There are Lots of Problems

Do you have broken links, error pages, missing images or other dysfunctional features? This is extremely bad for your online presence. With a website redesign, your new website will be simply maintainable with a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress. This allows for easy updates, so you never have to worry about your website having broken features. 

  1. Visitors Aren’t Navigating Past Your Home Page

If your homepage is unattractive, outdated and hard to navigate, odds are prospective patients aren’t moving further into your website which means you can be losing potential patients. With a website redesign, your home page will encourage your viewers to dive deeper into your website which will hopefully lead them to calling you for an appointment. 

  1. Your Website Isn’t Optimized for SEO

If your current website isn’t optimized for SEO, this can be one of the factors contributing to your low search engine ranking. This is extremely important if you want to be found on search engines. 

  1. You’re Losing Visitors

If you have been keeping track of your website visitors and have noticed a decrease in visitors in the past few years, this can be a huge indicator that your SEO is either lacking or non-existent. 

  1. Your Website Isn’t Benefiting Your Patients

If your website doesn’t have informative information for your patients about the procedures you offer, the insurances you accept, even the correct address, your website isn’t benefiting your patients. With a website redesign, your website content will be correct and only contain relevant information, giving your patients everything they need. 

I Need a Website Redesign, What Now?

If you are tired of having an outdated website without any website visitors, you are losing potential patients. Invest in a website redesign and not only gain a better online presence but lots of new patients walking through your door. Stand a higher ground than your competitors today. View some of the beautiful websites we have created and contact us at Dental Affiliate to learn how we can revamp your dental website and online presence.