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May 2016


How to Trick the Facebook News Feed Algorithm

Facebook uses an algorithm system that determines which posts are seen by Facebook followers. You might notice that a friend asked if you saw their post about their cat dancing and you have no idea what they are talking about even though you religiously check your news feed every hour. Facebook’s algorithm is responsible for you not seeing the post. This algorithm is what makes some posts go viral. If a post has a lot of reactions, likes, views, or shares, the algorithm knows to make it appear to more people. The only way you can be sure to see all posts from a specific page or person is by changing your settings for each individual page and person. Unless your patients are really dedicated to your dental practice, it’s highly unlikely they will change their settings to see all of your posts. This is where you can implement our tweaks we have discovered.

Share Popular Links/Videos

One way for your dental practice to be seen more on Facebook is to participate in sharing popular links and videos. Although we recommend keeping it semi relevant to your industry, sharing popular videos and links will show up on user’s Facebook’s feeds if their other friends have also shared it.

Post Something Bound to Get Likes or Comments

This can include a funny picture, a question, or controversial news article. When your posts start getting likes and comments, they will start appearing on more people’s news feeds as well as the friends of people who commented and liked your post.

Get More Likes for Your Business

How many people “like” your business? If only 10 people like your business and half of those are employees, your social media strategy is weak. Encourage patients to like your Facebook Page while they are waiting for their appointment. The more likes you have, the more people that will see your posts. Obtaining page likes is half the battle of showing up on news feeds. Without page likes, you don’t have an audience.

Discuss Trending Topics

How do you know what’s trending? If you click in the search bar on Facebook, it will give you a list of trending topics. Click on that and scroll through to see what’s trending now. Try to stay relevant to your business field, but chiming in about a trending topic will make you more likely to pop up on other people’s news feeds.

Tag People in Posts

For example, you might want to tag one of your patients in a before and after (with their permission). This will make your post more relevant, and also pop up on the news feeds of friends of the person you tagged.

Where Do We Begin?

Tricking Facebook’s algorithm has a lot to do with a number of likes your page has. Revamp your social media strategy and gain more visibility by simply gaining more likes. Follow our strategies above to start appearing on more news feeds.

Black Hat SEO

Think of black hat tactics like you think of a magician’s hat, it’s full of tricks you can’t see. This black hat might produce stellar results, but in the end, it’s a quick fix. This is true with black hat SEO tactics, they might be tricking search engines into giving you good rankings, but once Google figures out your tactics, you can be penalized and lose all visibility. White hat SEO tactics on the other hand, are smart and strategic ways of enhancing your SEO. These will give you organic results that will continue to bring you higher up on the search engines. We have compiled a list of black hat techniques VS white hat techniques for a better understanding for you.

Black Hat Tricks for SEO

Keyword Stuffing – This occurs when content is stuffed with keywords in unnatural ways.

Posting Links in Unnatural Places – This is from posting links on comment threads, or on blog posts without there being a reason for it.

Adding Pointless Pages On Your Website – This can include adding a page with only a couple of sentences with keywords or words that will attract visitors, but not include any information about them.

Using Paid Links – Paying anyone to create links to your website.

Linking Websites Together – Linking a low ranking website to a high ranking website will help raise the low ranked website up.

Your patients and website visitors are coming to your website for one reason, to learn about your dental practice and the procedures you offer. Therefore, using black hat tricks is not going to benefit your directed audience in any way. Black Hat techniques might give you fast results, but they are not helping your website become a better experience for your visitors or long term SEO.

White Hat SEO

Original, High Quality Content – Using original content written with SEO in mind will benefit your website the most.

Internal Linking – Linking between pages on your website will help users and search engines crawl through your website.

Blogging – Blogging not only creates more content about your area of expertise, but it gives more pages for ranking and internal linking.

Posting Links in Natural Places – Linking on natural places such as posting links to your practice’s Facebook to your website or vice versa.

Using Keywords Naturally – This includes placing keywords throughout content in natural ways, and without overusing them.

Now that you can see the obvious differences between black hat and white hat SEO tactics, it makes more sense to invest in white hat strategies. Contact Dental Affiliate to learn more about the SEO we offer to our clients. We never use black hat strategies, all of our results are organic and here to stay.


Does My Website Design Show Credibility?

Your website design is usually the first thing your potential patients see when they are searching for a new dentist. Within the first few seconds on your website, they have already formed an opinion about your dental practice. Your website is an extension of your brand and reflects your entire business. Whether you lack content on your website or easy navigation, your viewer will steer away at the first sign of problems. Ensuring that you have a well-designed website will prevent visitors from steering away and encourage them to crawl through your website instead. The more professional your website looks, the more professional you look as a dentist. Your website design is highly responsible for your credibility as a dentist.

There are several aspects your website needs to incorporate for the most credibility possible.

Easy Navigation

Making sure it’s easy to navigate throughout your website is important for your credibility. Patients who struggle to navigate through your website won’t want to stay on it, or call you for an appointment.

Clean Design

Having a clean and aesthetically appealing design will show that you care as much about your website as you care about the quality of procedures you perform on your patients.

Display Pictures

Displaying your accomplishments as a dentist is great for patients to see. This includes displaying photos of your office, your employees, and before and after photos of procedures.

Highlight Patient Reviews

Patient reviews should be displayed for your potential patients so they know about the good experiences other patients have had at your practice.

Give Useful Information

This includes having information about the procedures you offer, an overview of how they are performed, and other useful patient information. If a patient can find everything they need to know on your website, it gives your website more credibility.

About Section

It’s always insightful to read about the business and about the people who work at it. It gives a person a sense of the kind of people that will be helping them. About the practice and about the dentists and other employees are great factors to include on your website. It shows how proud of your practice you are.

Contact Us for a Custom Website Design

Creating a great first impression to potential website visitors is the best way to keep them on your page and eventually call up your practice for an appointment. Following our advice for a more credible website will benefit you in the long run. If you are looking for a website revamp to boost your credibility, contact us for a custom website design.

Mobile Friendly Design

New Google Algorithm for Mobile Friendly Websites

In March, Google announced that there would be a new algorithm when it comes to mobile searches. Their overall goal is to give users better search results when searching on a mobile device. This means, keeping non-mobile friendly websites off of the top of search results. This new algorithm is supposed to start rolling out slowly in May 2016. Google will begin by crawling all websites to find which ones are mobile friendly and which aren’t. If your website is not mobile friendly, you were most likely sent an email in March or April instructing you to make it mobile friendly.

What Happens if I Don’t Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

In 2016, it is more likely for users to search on a mobile device than a computer; therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly, it won’t be showing up on mobile searches or bringing you new patients. If you regularly have good visibility when it comes to search engines, this algorithm can weaken your SEO strategy. Until you get a mobile friendly website, your search rankings will suffer. If you’re not sure if your website is mobile friendly, you can check it on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Google did state that it’s still possible for your non-mobile friendly website to rank high if it has relative and original content.

What are the Benefits of Having a Mobile Friendly Website?

There are many benefits of having a mobile friendly website, now including ranking higher on mobile searches. Another benefit, is that the user’s experience is better. If you are on a mobile device and are looking at a website that is not mobile friendly, it can be hard to read the content and navigate through. This results in users quickly leaving your website due to inconvenience. Another benefit, is that it gives your dental practice more credibility, showing you care about how you present yourself on the web as much as you do in office.

How Do I Make My Website Mobile Friendly?

If your current website design is more than a few years old, it is probably easier and cheaper to buy a brand new design than to pay someone to make you a mobile friendly version of your current design. You will end up with a brand new and updated design that is mobile friendly and adheres to Google’s standards. At Dental Affiliate, we create custom made websites that look flawless on any device. Contact us for more information on custom mobile website designs.


Website Security

Website Security

Website security should be treated like locking your door at home. If it’s unlocked, anyone can just walk in. If it’s locked, it will take an effort to break in. Website security does more than just protect your website from being hacked, it builds more trust with your patients. Website Security is a subject that shouldn’t be skipped when building your brand. Continue reading to learn about the importance of website security.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Secure their Website?

This is due to complete lack of awareness of the consequences or risks. Small business owners don’t think that they are targets for hackers, when in fact any website without security is a target. The most common websites to be hacked are healthcare, retail, and financial services. Hackers look for websites that are great for data breaching as well as hiding malware in.

What is the Importance of Website Security?Website Security

If your website isn’t secure, it will break the trust between you and your patients. They won’t feel safe being on your website or submitting any information on your website. If your website gets hacked, it’s a red flag for patients that they need to take their business elsewhere. Otherwise their personal information, email addresses, credit card information, as well as computers can fall victim to hackers. Website security is not only important to protect your business, but anyone who visits your website.

How Does Website Security Help You Build Trust with Your Patients?

It’s a given that most consumers are afraid of security risks on the internet. Nobody wants their credit card information, bank account or other personal accounts hacked into, which is why most of us steer clear of giving information to insecure websites. Would you ever take over the counter medicine that didn’t have a security seal on it? It’s the same with websites, consumers don’t want to visit sites that can’t provide security, it’s not worth the risk.

How Do I Know What Websites Are Secure?

Blatantly put, websites with an “http” URL are websites that aren’t secure while “https” websites are secure.  An unsecured website on Google Chrome will show a lock with a red x over it to show users that it is not secure. Consumers will be more likely to stay on websites that show a green lock and “https” address.

How Do I Stay On Top of Website Security?

If your website has never been hacked or compromised in any way, it will be a lot easier to incorporate security on your website than it would be to incorporate it after it has been hacked. It’s important to secure your website before anything can happen. This will prevent you from having personal information leaked as well as your patient’s information leaked. Contact us at Dental Affiliate to learn more about our secured websites we can provide your practice.