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June 2016

What does my dental website need?

What Does My Dental Website Need?

If your website is outdated and you rarely tell patients to visit it, odds are you are slightly embarrassed about your website. There are 5 main aspects your website should include for the best results and user experience possible.

  1. Information About Procedures Offered

It’s incredibly important for your website to include information about the procedures you offer. How are patients supposed to know what kind of work they can get from you if the information is not on your website? This is beneficial to your website viewers and SEO. The more information you have on your website, the better.

  1. Before and After Photos

These are your most persuasive aspects on your website. Showing off your work and the transformations you’ve created will convince people to get work that they want or need done. If they like what they see, they will definitely give you a call.

  1. Testimonials/Reviews

These are great for persuading new customers to experience your dental practice. Highlight your favorite reviews for your prospective patients to review before they call you for an appointment. Dental practices that aren’t scared to show their reviews send a better message to their viewers, that they care what their patients think of them. If your dentist office needs more online reviews, check out our ReviewDoor software to get more reviews, and stop bad reviews from going public.

  1. Blog

A blog is not only a great tool for SEO, but it gives your patients more information about their teeth, dental health and procedures you offer. You never know, your blog can save a tooth! Posting links to your blog on social media is a great way to keep your patients updated and informed as well as boost website traffic. Learn more about how blogging can benefit your website.

  1. About Section

If you don’t have an about section, the time has come to add one. About pages are great for patients and prospective patients to meet the dentist and other employees before their visit. This can help reduce any dental anxiety the patient might feel and even help persuade them to visit your practice over another.

Get a Website Makeover

Contact us at Dental Affiliate if your website is in need of a makeover. We will ensure that it is as aesthetically pleasing as informative. We create custom dental websites, optimize your website with SEO, use content marketing and more to make optimal websites.

Misconceptions about SEO

Misconceptions About SEO

Even in today’s day and age, some people are in denial about the importance of SEO. There are still several misconceptions about SEO floating around and creating false information. We decided to break down these misconceptions for you so you have a deeper understanding of what Search Engine Optimization actually is.

SEO is Scam Filled with Black Hat Techniques

This is completely false. Although some people use Black Hat techniques, Google penalizes websites for them. SEO is also not a scam unless you are paying an agency that is not doing their job. Organic and effective SEO is done using white hat techniques approved by Google.

SEO isn’t Long Term

Short term SEO is usually Black Hat techniques; they will provide you with results until you are penalized. White Hat techniques, on the other hand, will produce long term SEO results for your dental practice. This includes adhering to Google’s standards for what constitutes a good website. As time passes, Google will become smarter and SEO will become more important. SEO is here to stay in the long term as the internet evolves.

One Bad Move Can Ruin Your SEO

This is an extremely common misconception. If you are adhering to Google’s standards but you make one bad move, like forget meta tags on a page, it won’t completely ruin your SEO. That particular page might take a hit, but it won’t dramatically decrease your hard work.

SEO is About Including as Many Keywords as Possible

This is also a huge misconception. If your content is keyword stuffed, it actually works against your SEO. It’s important to include keywords but in a natural and conventional way. Keywords are just one small piece of the puzzle when it comes to SEO.

You Can Achieve Results Fast

This misconception about SEO is another common one. SEO takes time and does not happen overnight. You won’t be at the top of Google at the release of your website. With strategies like content marketing, your search engine rankings will gradually increase over time. Black Hat techniques might provide you with faster results, but can leave you being penalized.

You Have to Build Links Everywhere

Yes, it is helpful if you use link building on your website, but having too many links, or linking to irrelevant pages can result in negative SEO. Link building must be done with a strategy in mind.

SEO Never Changes

This is also false. SEO is constantly changing. Google posts updated standards throughout the year. The latest has included recommending that all websites be mobile friendly.

How Do We Know What is the Truth?

Ask the experts! You don’t need to know the ins and outs of SEO, you can just ask us at Dental Affiliate. We will do all of the work and you can reap the results. We will continue to demystify the many misconceptions about SEO you might be reading about. Contact us today for SEO services and more.

Optimize Your Dental Office’s Facebook

If you are not regularly using social media for your dental practice, then you are missing out on lots of opportunity for marketing. Social media is where you can alert your patients of specials you are having, any office news or any other share worthy information. Half the battle of using social media to your advantage includes gaining a solid follower base. Once you gain enough followers, your posts will accumulate more value. There are several methods you can use to gain a larger social media crowd.

Ask Patients in Office

When your patients are in your office for a visit, have whoever is operating the front desk to take the opportunity to ask your patients to like your Facebook page while they wait for their appointment. Depending on how many patients you see a day, this can help you gain a like for every patient you see.

Send Out an Email

If you have a record of all of your patients that include email addresses, send out an email with a link to your Facebook page asking them to Like it. More than likely, they will click the Like button at your request.

Use Appointment Reminder Cards

Appointment reminder cards are great ways to not only remind patients of when their next appointment is, but something physical for them to hold and look at. This card can contain the link to your Facebook page and a small reminder for patients to Like you. This can be a card that is given after the appointment or even one that is mailed to the patient.

Give Patients an Incentive

Doing something as easy as Liking a page can sometimes be a hard task for some people. Giving your patients an incentive to like your page, or a reward can push them a little more to go and Like you. It can be something simple like a free toothbrush or offer a selected random person who liked your page as the winner of a gift card. Tell your patients if they like your Facebook page, they will unlock a special offer or discount. Any incentive helps both current patients and prospective patients like your page.

How More Followers Helps You

So what’s the point of acquiring more followers for your dental practice? One, it makes your dentist office look more credible. Potential patients will see your high amount of followers and associate that with happy patients. Two, you have a larger audience to market new products, procedures, and other information. Three, you have more people who will review their experience at your dentist office. When a patient constantly sees posts from their dentist office on their Facebook feed, they are more likely to go and review their experience. Contact us at Dental Affiliate if you need help setting up your social media profiles or need custom made appointment reminder cards. Be sure to Like Us on Facebook too!

how to choose an internet marketing company

How Do I Choose an Internet Marketing Company When There Are So Many?

Choosing a company to take control of your online presence can be a stressful decision. At some point, all of these companies will start looking the same. How do you even begin to choose? There are many factors you should consider when selecting an internet marketing company. Here are some of the things our customers consider when they decided to invest in us.

View Their Work

The marketing agency should have a portfolio of their work. If they don’t, that should be a red flag for you. Viewing the marketing agency’s work is a great way to see the aesthetics and quality of the websites they have created. Scroll through some of the websites and see if what they have created is something you are looking for.

Check Search Engine Rankings of Clients

Another aspect you should be looking for is how well their clients are ranking on social media. If they claim to be an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in SEO, they need to have the results to back up that claim. One way to check is by typing in “dentist in (city)” or “(procedure) in (city).” This will give you an idea of how well these websites are doing on search engines. If the websites are nowhere to be found, that is a red flag to avoid the marketing company.

What Services Are Offered?

How much are you looking to get out of this company? Just a website design, or a full package? Are there other services offered on the side that other companies have? It’s best to work with one company over several for specific services you need. Choose the one where you can get it all in one place.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Check out the reviews that their clients are giving them. Are they satisfied with their services? Would they recommend them? If you can’t find any reviews or just a stack of bad ones, that should be another red flag.

Do They Have a Blog?

Blogs are great tools for customers to learn more about SEO, marketing tactics, and ways to improve their dental practice. Companies who write about useful topics on their blog have their client’s success as a top priority.


Pricing is important for dental practices on a budget. It should be known though, that you always get what you pay for. If you want to pay the lowest amount possible, you will get bad results. If you invest a good chunk of change into your online presence, it will pay off in the end.

Will You Own Everything?

It’s important to know if the marketing company you choose will let you own everything you pay for such as your website, SEO, written content and more. If you decide to part ways with the company, it would be a waste of money to lose everything you paid for.

What Now?

We recommend that you investigate the marketing company for you until you find one that feels right. You will want to find the best internet marketing company for your budget. Don’t sign your money away to a company who won’t deliver the results you are looking for. Contact us at Dental Affiliate for more information about internet marketing.