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July 2016

how much should you spend on a website?

Pricing is always the first question that is asked when it comes to shopping around for a new car, a house, and even clothes. Like buying a car, you will want to know everything that comes with the car. Are there leather seats? Is there a touch screen radio? These added bonuses always make a product more intriguing. When it comes to buying a website, you have to ask yourself, is there anything else included with my website? Let Dental Affiliate enlighten you.

What is Included?

Some internet marketing companies will just try to sell you a website, and any additional services are going to cost you extra. If you invest in a website and not SEO or PPC, it’s unlikely that people will be viewing your website. SEO determines how well your website will rank on search engines like Google, if your internet marketing company is selling you a website but not including SEO, then you are wasting your money.

Internet marketing companies should also be fully integrating your practice in all social media platforms to ensure all images and cover photos match the website. Having a great looking Google + account and Facebook Page is just as important as having a nice looking website.

Content should also be included in your website. What is the point of a website if there is no information for your patients to read? This will drive patients away from your website. There is a peace of mind going into a dental procedure when you have read about it beforehand.

Find a Company That Knows What They Are Doing

This one seems obvious, but verify the internet marketing company’s testimonials, view their portfolio, learn about their services and contracts. Research heavily before spending a dollar. Also, see what other services the company provides. You may not want video production right now, but it might be an option you want to consider in the future. You will also want to find a company you feel comfortable forming a relationship with. If you like them and they like you, your internet presence will greatly benefit!


Find the best bang for your buck. The best way to determine how much you should spend on a website is by comparing and contrasting competitors. Find an internet marketing company that is in a reasonable price range, and give them a call. Learn everything you can about the company; compare the included services, the website designs, the testimonials and extra services. When it comes to pricing, pick the company that is not overcharging you, but is also willing to go above and beyond. Trust your gut feeling.

Interested in Dental Affiliate?

At Dental Affiliate, our number one goal is to have happy and successful clients. This is why we offer reasonable prices, tons of included services, as well as a free website every 24 months. For more information, visit our pricing page and contact us today to start building your internet presence into one you can be proud of.

Snapchat for Dental Office

Should My Dental Practice Be on Snapchat?

For those of you who don’t know, Snapchat is a fun social media app a majority of the younger generation is using. What is appealing about it? Images and videos disappear after 24 hours. This gives users a sense of what is going on when it’s actually happening. It’s a live feed of your network of friends, businesses, celebrities and more. Now businesses are starting to use Snapchat to feature their office, as marketing techniques, and even medical procedures. Now you’re beginning to wonder, should my dental office be on Snapchat?

A Large Majority of Your Patients Are Teens or in Their Twenties

Snapchat users are usually in their teens or twenties; although there are older users, it’s not as common. If you are going to take the time and energy to use Snapchat to feature your dental practice, you should most definitely have a large number of patients in this age range, otherwise nobody will be viewing your snaps. If nobody is viewing your Snapchat, this can be time wasted.

You Want to Showcase Your Skills

If you want to showcase amazing transformations, Snapchat is a great place to do this. Snap a before photo and post it, then post the after when you are done. This will give your users a little bit of suspense because they will have to wait for the after photos to be posted. You can also showcase your skills by posting videos of procedures being performed. This will show your patients your skills, as well as any other dentists who follow you.

Gain Loyal Followers of People Who Love Gore and Dental Procedures

Those of us who are not in a medical profession are usually quite fascinated by the daily procedures medical professionals perform. This includes everything from plastic surgery to dentistry. There is a reason Dr. Pimple Popper is internet famous, society loves gross things. You will have patients who will be drawn to your Snapchat at the slight mention that you feature procedures on there.

You Want to Have Fun

We are not going to lie to you, Snapchat can be addicting with its fun features like the face recognition filters and the speed effects. With these features you can showcase the fun environment you work in alongside the seriousness of your professional dental work.

So is Snapchat Effective For Marketing?

Snapchat is more for fun rather than marketing, but it is not a complete waste of time. Some doctors will go viral with their Snapchats, while some just have a small follower base. It’s completely up to you if you choose to spend time creating a Snapchat for your practice. If you choose to, you can get creative with your posts and even feature your patient of the day in order to persuade your patients to follow you. You never know, one of your followers might call you for that cosmetic procedure they have been thinking about after they see the amazing results they can achieve. Contact us at Dental Affiliate to learn about the social media services we can provide for you.


When it comes to social media, Facebook is the most commonly used platform because it allows patients to post reviews, see images, videos and announcements. It’s the most logical platform for social media focus. What about Instagram? Instagram is a platform owned by Facebook that is solely for posting images and videos. What is so great about it you might wonder? The use of hashtags is actually effective on Instagram. You can use hashtags on Facebook, but they deliver few results. With Instagram and Twitter, users are more drawn to hashtags so they can look for similar posts. Now that you know the gist of Instagram, you need to find out if using energy on an Instagram page would be time worthy for your dental practice. At Dental Affiliate, we know what is best for your dental practice in today’s digital era. Let us break it down for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a Large Focus

One of the most obvious reasons you should be on Instagram is if your practice focuses on cosmetic dentistry. It is also beneficial if your dentist has had some astounding results they would like to give to more patients. Instagram is a great place for you to post these before and after shots. This will allow you to network with new patients, colleagues, and you might even go viral. Instagram users love to see people with dramatic transformations and even videos of the procedure being done. Your videos and images might inspire people to get some work done themselves or refer a friend who could benefit. The possibilities are endless.

Reconstructive Work is a Large Focus

Any before and after photos are great to feature on Instagram. People love to look at them, other dentists like to see their colleague’s work, and they become a portfolio of your work. There may be patients out there seeking dental work but aren’t sure of their possibilities. These shots will help patients see the potential of dental work. This can lead to patients giving you a call to receive your expertise.

Using Hashtags and Networking

Finding new patients becomes easier with Instagram. Patients will find your work by simply clicking on hashtags and if they are in the area, they will most likely give you a call to schedule an appointment. It is not only great for finding new patients, but for networking opportunities. Befriending other dentists can work out in your favor. Maybe you meet a dentist who specializes in wisdom teeth extractions who you can refer your patients to, while he refers his to you for porcelain veneers. The possibilities are endless with Instagram.

Showcase Videos of Procedures

Watching videos of medical procedures is fascinating to most people. It is a great way to both educate and entertain your patients. By showing your patients videos of procedures or even patient education, this can draw in lots of new followers. More followers equal more patients.

Create an Account

If you feel your practice could benefit from showing videos of procedures or featuring before and after pictures of either cosmetic dentistry or reconstructive restorative dentistry results, Instagram is for you. Setting it up is easy and you can connect it to all of your other social media platforms so no post goes unseen. Send out an email to all of your patients or post on Facebook to let everyone know to go follow you. For more social media advice, contact us at Dental Affiliate today!

control your reputation

Gain Control of Your Reputation Now!

Maintaining a positive reputation for your dental practice is crucial to acquiring and keeping patients coming to your practice. Your online reputation is especially important in this day and age of mobile devices and social media. Patients are likely to voice their opinions over a digital platform; this is making an impact on reputations everywhere. One bad experience of a patient can hurt your practice if they choose to voice their experience over a reviewing platform such as Yelp, Yahoo, Google+, or even Facebook. This will be visible to everyone who comes across your page and can prevent patients from choosing your practice. At Dental Affiliate, we want your online presence to beat out your competitors, which is why we offer our clients advice as well as software to cope.

ReviewDoor™, Your Bad Review Bodyguard

Maintaining nothing but positive reviews can be a tricky business. There can be something small that might trigger your patient to post a bad review, which can easily damage your reputation. Luckily, at Dental Affiliate, we can offer our clients ReviewDoor – a new software for review management. With ReviewDoor, you can send your patients text messages or emails prompting them to review their experience. Patients who click anything below 4 stars will be asked why their visit was unsatisfactory. This review is then sent to the practice without being posted online anywhere. This allows you to follow up with the patient to apologize for their experience as well as make things right to keep them as a patient. The ReviewDoor software also does not post negative reviews without your approval. As a result, your practice’s online reputation does not have to suffer due to one negative review. For more information about our ReviewDoor software, please visit our ReviewDoor page.

How to Provide an Exceptional Experience

Most patients look forward to their dentist appointments as much as they look forward to filling up their car with gas; it’s not the most exciting experience, but it needs to be done. Providing an exceptional experience for your patients is what will keep them returning and looking forward to their visits. To start, a friendly and welcoming staff always makes patients feel more comfortable. Patients should also be walked through every procedure so they know what to expect as well as prevent any potential dental anxiety from occurring. To make the experience even better, provide extra levels of comfort to your patient like music to listen to during their appointment, TV to watch, or even blankets. As long as your patient experiences a high level of comfort, they will most likely give you a good review.

How to Handle a Bad Review

Bad reviews are inevitable; authors, chefs, musicians, and dentists all receive them. It is a matter of handling the review. For example, authors and musicians can just take the constructive criticism and either use it to improve or to simply shake it off. Dentists, on the other hand, should solely use their bad reviews as criticism for improvement. Upon receiving a bad review, the dentist or office manager should reach out to the patient and find a way to make amends. This might save you from losing a patient, and they may even delete their bad review. Bad reviews are a friendly reminder to treat all patients with individual needs.

Need Help Managing Your Reputation?

At Dental Affiliate, we offer our clients advice to handle their reputation as well as our bad review bodyguard, ReviewDoor. Stop bad reviews from going public, while acquiring more positive reviews in general. To learn more, contact us today!