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August 2016

instagram statistics for medical professionals

You can easily type in “Instagram statistics” into Google to find out different types of statistics so we’ve broken down the important stats for medical professionals. If you are not already utilizing Instagram in your practice, it’s time to start. If you need assistance starting your Instagram channel, check out our past blogs about Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Dental Photography.

60% of Users Will Log in Daily – There are 400 Million Active Users World Wide

Falling behind Facebook, Instagram is the most used form of social media. These statistics show that about 240 million people use Instagram daily. This is great news for you if you are trying to gain a large follower amount, and thanks to hashtags, your posts are more likely to be seen on Instagram than Facebook.

90% of Instagram Users Are Less Than 35 Years Old

This is great news if your target audience is younger people. Although cosmetic surgeries such as dental veneers or breast augmentations are performed at all ages, younger age groups are more likely to opt for the procedures in today’s day and age of social media. Since you know the primary age of your Instagram audience, you can target your posts towards people that age. Post before and after photos of patients younger than 35 for best results.

In the Past Two Years, Instagram Usage Has Doubled

Since usage has doubled in the past two years, there’s no telling how much larger it will grow. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the leader in social media, Instagram’s potential has no limit. Stay ahead of the curve and cater to the future of social media by implementing an Instagram channel in your practice.

32% of Teens Claim Instagram is their Preferred Social Network

Although Instagram isn’t topping Facebook, it’s following close behind. If your target audience is teens, this is great news for you. Target a large portion of your posts towards teens, using popular and trending hashtags for best results.

50% of Instagram Users Follow Brands

Although your medical practice isn’t a brand, this statistic shows that users are interested in learning more about what they are purchasing. Dental work and plastic surgery are also a purchase, so you should look at Instagramming your practice as building your brand.

90% of the Top 100 Brands are on Instagram

This just goes to show that to be the best, you have to put your brand out there. 90% of the top brands are active on Instagram, while about 50% of brands, in general, are on Instagram. Although we don’t know the specifics for dental practices or plastic surgeons, you can bet that the statistics are similar. Just look at Dr. Miami. For example, his Instagram channel has almost half a million followers. You can bet that his business is booming thanks to his social media efforts.

Learn More About Instagram

At Dental Affiliate, we want to provide our clients with the best information possible to expand their business and spread brand awareness on the internet. Not sure how to implement Instagram into your practice’s online strategy? Contact Dental Affiliate today to find out how we can help.


Long Tail Keywords for SEO

If you didn’t already know, the content on your website is incredibly important when it comes to SEO. The more original content on your website, the better. The search engines recognize both short tail keywords and long tail keywords. What’s the difference? Short tail is no more than two words. For example, “dental crowns.” This gives the user information about dental crowns on the first page. Long tail keywords, for example, are a lot longer and bring more filtered results, like “same day dental crowns in San Diego.” The long tail keyword search brings concise results, giving you exactly what you are looking for, a dentist that offers same day dental crowns in San Diego. It’s important to use these long tail keywords throughout the content, even dedicating certain pages to these keywords. Learn why long tail keywords matter and how they can help your website.

Target A Specific Audience

Long tail keywords are great when you are trying to target a specific audience for a certain procedure. Say, for example, you want more teens in your office for whitening treatments. You can deploy a page written about teeth whitening for teens in San Diego. Or maybe you want to be found under “affordable dentures in San Diego,” so you write a blog about the affordable dentures at your practice. By using these long tail keywords, you are more likely to be found on Google. Not only does this help your online visibility, but it helps your overall marketing strategy. Sit down and make a list of your marketing goals, and the procedures you want to do more of. Put yourself in your patient’s shoe to brainstorm what they would type in Google. This is how you come up with your long tail keywords.

Better Search Engine Rankings

As stated before, implementing long tail keywords is a great way to improve your visibility on Google. Perhaps you are already being found under “Dental Crowns San Diego”, why not also be found under “Same Day Dental Crowns San Diego” if you have a CEREC in the office? Another benefit of using long tail keywords is the ability to be found under questions. Put yourself in your patient’s shoe. What kind of questions would they ask? How about “What are Same Day Crowns?” The more variety in topics and keywords you use throughout your pages and blogs on your website, the more likely you will be found in more areas of search engines.

More Website Traffic

It’s a given that improved SEO will increase website traffic.

More website traffic = more patients = more profit for your practice.

If that isn’t an incentive to invest in content marketing for long tail keywords, then we don’t know what is. With a weekly blog, or adding new pages to your website, as well as tweaking content you already have, your dental website can increase the number of keywords it’s found under.

Start Your Content Marketing Strategy For Better SEO Today

Now that you’re a little more educated on the topic of long tail keywords, it’s time to start implementing this new found knowledge throughout your website. At Dental Affiliate, we offer our clients the perks of weekly blogs deployed on your website. These blogs and additional pages will focus on long tail keyword searches. To increase your website traffic and the number of patients in your practice, contact us at Dental Affiliate today.


instagram live for your dental practice

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed a change on your Instagram account; there’s a new feature, Instagram Stories. What’s Instagram Stories you might wonder? It’s basically like Snapchat, but it’s on Instagram. Rumor has it that Instagram, owned by Facebook, tried to buy Snapchat, but Snapchat wouldn’t bite. It what seems like retaliation, Instagram has implemented this new Snapchat-like feature. It allows you to post videos or images on your Instagram account that disappear after 24 hours. What’s appealing about this feature being on Instagram, is that you can post as much as you like without feeling like you are spamming your followers because it doesn’t show up on your feed. Instead, your profile picture will appear at the top of user’s screens if they follow you, and they simply tap your icon to view your story. This new feature will hopefully help users stop posting repetitive content. Brands, companies, and practices are using this new feature to enhance their content marketing and social media strategy and so can you with these helpful tips.

Tell A Story

A great way to use Instagram Stories is to tell a story to your followers. This can be a complete run through of a patient’s appointment (with their permission) from start to finish. It can be a great marketing technique for patients who are curious to try your dental practice or are interested in learning more about the procedures you are doing. Why not just post a video or a before and after photo on your Instagram wall? You can definitely post one or two, but with Instagram Stories, you can post more without annoying your followers. One of the main reasons people unfollow Instagram channels is because they post too often.

Influence Your Followers

Maybe one of your followers has been considering dental implants or a particular whitening product but are unsure about taking the plunge. With Instagram Stories, you can feature products or procedures and their results. Every day you can feature a new product or procedure to get your followers interested, this is called influence.

Increase Communication

With Instagram Stories, followers can directly message the Instagram Stories story they are viewing. This is great when you post a procedure and a patient has questions. An increase in communication will up your chances that the patient will pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. It’s important to have someone monitoring the Instagram channel regularly to respond to inquiries.


Use Instagram Stories to educate your patients, feature a fun fact every day or do a fun fact Friday. Your patients will love learning more about their dental health and how to improve it. You can also educate your patients by demonstrating how to floss or brush correctly. It’s also a great place to show off the technology you have in office and how it works.

Have Fun

Instagram Stories can be used to demonstrate how fun and friendly the staff can be. This is great for patients who don’t really look forward to their dental appointments. Looking forward to a fun environment with a great staff really changes the perception of dental appointments.

Start Implementing Instagram Stories Today

If your dental practice doesn’t already have an Instagram account, it’s time to make one. Instagram is great for featuring your before and after photos in addition to showcasing other aspects of your dental practice. Be sure to send out an email or ask patients in office to follow your Instagram account. Contact us at Dental Affiliate if you have any questions about how to expand your social media or content marketing horizon.

prepare for new website

After your website design consultation, you wouldn’t think that there is anything you would need to do to prepare for your new website when in reality there are lots of things you should do. Preparing for your new website will help the design process go by a lot smoother in addition to the delivery of your new website. We want your website to be the best it can be, luckily, you can help us with the process.

Collect Before and After Photos

Most dentists have a large variety of before and after photos stocked away for their website or in their office as a portfolio for patients to look at. It will help your us immensely if you collect your before and after photos ahead of time to send over. With your before and after photos, we create a smile gallery to be displayed on your website. Smile galleries are great for displaying your work. They also help patients decide if they should schedule an appointment with you, or consider a certain procedure. If you have not started taking before and after photos as a regular part of your job, read our blog about dental photography to learn some basic tips to start creating your portfolio.

Collect Action Photos of the Dentist with Patients

Most dental websites have basic head shot photos of their dentists, but most are missing the action shots of the dentist working on a patient, or working with other employees. Patients love to see these types of photos on dentist’s websites because it gives them a feel of the environment and dentist. If you haven’t taken any fun action shots yet, it’s time to ask one of your employees to snap some pictures while you are in action to feature on your new website.

Collect Logo Files

If you have a logo you are going to use, it’s important that you provide your internet marketing company with all of the files they will need to create your website. This will help with the design process because logos will need during the entire design process to feature on your website in addition to social media. Collecting your logo files is also important if you are planning on making any changes to it.

Read Through Content

The content on your website is not only important for SEO purposes but because it also represents your brand and philosophy. It’s important that your read through the content either before your website goes live, or shortly after, that way you can be sure that the content represents your philosophy and standards.

Collect Reviews You Want to be Featured

Most dentists will have piles of reviews either peppered throughout the internet on websites like Google+, Yelp, or Facebook, as well a hand written reviews from patients. Whichever reviews stand out to you should be featured on your website. Ahead of launching your new website, you should choose at least 5 reviews to be featured on your website. This helps prospective patients learn a little bit about you through a reference of other patients who have been there. To list all of your reviews available, consider the use of our ReviewDoor software.

Collect Bios About Employees and About the Practice

It’s always beneficial for a website to include information about employees in addition to a biography about the practice. This helps prospective patients learn a little bit about the employees and the dentist office before deciding to make an appointment. To start, have each employee write a short bio about themselves. It can be about education, their job, personal interests or anything you would want patients to know about your employee. For the dentists’ bios, it’s important to include education and continual education. This is great information for patients who are looking for a specialist in a particular area.

Have Any Questions About Your New Website?

If you have any questions about your new website or the photos and files you should provide, please get in contact with us at Dental Affiliate so we can help you the best that we can. We want your website to represent you and your brand in the best way possible. You can reach us by calling 888-907-6909 or by going to our contact us page to fill out our online contact form to be contacted.

dental photography

You don’t need to take photography classes or hire a professional to take quality dental photographs. These photographs are great to use in your smile gallery to show before and after cases, as well as great images to show other patients who are interested in undergoing similar procedures, or have similar problems. Investing in a DSLR camera is a great start. A decent camera will cost you about $400 but will provide you with an abundance of high quality pictures. Here are some tips we have compiled to help you either start doing dental photography in your practice, or to improve the photography you’re already taking.

Obtain Consent

Before you start snapping pictures away like crazy, first have your patient sign a consent form or another form of written consent for you to take photos or videos of them. Without consent, you cannot legally take their photo or use it in any way. For the patient’s privacy, ask if they would like their face cropped out, with only their smile visible.

Take a Video Instead of Photograph or Both!

Most DSLR cameras have high definition video capability, this allows you to not only take great photos, but take high definition videos. Videos are great for capturing a full view of the smile makeover, as well as capture the satisfaction of your patient. Post the video on your Facebook, YouTube, website and even Instagram for your audience to see. There are tons of apps out there that you can use to edit your videos to create a more custom video.

DSLR Camera Settings

If you are new to working a DSLR, you will be dumbfounded by the large amount of setting options. You can always use auto mode if you are unsure, but there are specific settings you can use to capture the perfect photo. For smile and intraoral photos, set your camera to: F22, 1/200, ISO 100. For full face photos, set your camera to: F11, 1/200, ISO 100. If you are unsure where to change these settings at, please see the specific instructions for your camera.

Practice Taking Photos

Some people are born with a skill set, while others require practice to create great results. If this is your first experience with a camera, or a DSLR camera for that matter, you will need to practice to capture great photos. Ask your family members and friends if you can practice by taking pictures of their mouths before asking a patient. Once you are used to the camera, begin taking before and after photos of all your patients!

Dry and Clean Teeth

Before taking any photos of teeth, it’s imperative that the teeth are clean. You don’t want noticeable plaque or food particles in the teeth for people to see. It’s also important that the teeth are as dry as possible. Too much saliva can lead to low-quality photos.

What Next?

Once you have compiled a large enough collection of before and after photos, consider showcasing them in a smile gallery on your website if you are not already. At Dental Affiliate, we create custom smile galleries for our clients with sliders to show the before and after. You should also be showcasing your smile transformations on your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. For help with your online presence, contact us at Dental Affiliate today.