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September 2016

don't hire a marketing company

There are thousands of internet marketing companies around, which can make it daunting to finally sit down and choose one. We want what is best for our clients which is why we want to provide any prospective clients with reasons why they shouldn’t hire a marketing company. We want to help you achieve the best results, but it’s hard to do if any of the following apply to you.

#1 You Want Full Control

When you hire an online marketing company, they are taking over your online marketing. If you are incapable of not being in control, a marketing company is not for you. We are experts in our fields, which is why we want to take control as much as possible, otherwise, our best strategies can be interrupted and as a result be ineffective.

#2 Your Practice Isn’t Ready

With a strong online marketing strategy comes new patients. Is your practice ready to take on more patients? Does your reputation need to be fixed before strong internet marketing? Is your practice changing names or locations? Although online marketing companies can help with these, you need to be ready for full online branding and marketing.

#3 You Need Patients ASAP

Online marketing isn’t effective overnight. It’s like diet and exercise, you won’t see results overnight, but with consistent hard work, the results are obvious over time.

#4 You Have Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

If you work with multiple doctors or office managers and everyone wants their input said to the marketing company, then a marketing company is not for you. Unless you can keep a small group of 2-3 people as your marketing committee, online marketing companies won’t work for you. Too many chefs in the kitchen can lead to arguments, indecisiveness, and slow results.

#5 You Want Us to Teach You Marketing So You Can Do It On Your Own

Our job as your online marketing company is not to teach you how to market, it’s to market for you. Although we do give insight as to what you can be doing on your side. If your employees are not doing their share of marketing, you should consider finding employees with those skill sets. Online marketing is always changing, and as an online marketing company, we are always staying on top of what’s new. Unless you hire a full-time employee who also stays on top, you will not achieve the same results.

#6 Someone Will Get in the Way

If there is someone at your office who will prevent us from doing our job, then don’t waste your money on an online marketing company. You will not achieve the results you want and will give us a headache.

Contact Dental Affiliate If You Are Ready

If you have gone through this entire blog without saying a marketing company is not for you, then you are ready! Contact us at Dental Affiliate today to start strategizing the best online marketing tactics for your dental practice.

September 20, 2016

Social Media FAQs

social media faqs

If you are unfamiliar with social media for your dental practice, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about social media for our clients. If you are new to social media marketing, these can be extremely helpful for your dental practice.

Why Does My Practice Need to Be Posting On Social Media?

Most people don’t know this, but social media marketing ties in with search engine optimization (SEO). When you post links to your blog or pages on your website, this creates outbound links. The more clicks you get, the more visibility your website has, and the more important Google’s algorithm will think your website is. As a result, this will increase your search engine rankings. Not only is it good for SEO, but posting on social media is a great way to stay in touch with your patients and share announcements. Try to post at least once a day, if not more. The more you post, the more your patients will see you pop up in their news feed which is a friendly reminder to go visit their dentist every 6 months or if they are having problems.

How Do I Make a Post Go Viral?

The science behind viral posts at this point is unknown. Think back to the posts you have seen go viral, most are either hilarious or inspirational in a way. It’s all a matter of posting something that everyone feels the need to share. If you are looking to gain more viewers on your Facebook posts, however, you can invest in “boosting” your post. With a boost, your Facebook post will pop up in suggested posts on people’s news feeds in your area.

How Do I Know If My Social Media is Helping?

One way to see if your social media strategy is working is by making goals and looking at statistics. For example, let’s say you want more patients to schedule their cleanings. For one week, continually post on your social media reminders about scheduling cleanings. Be sure to post your phone number and give your patients a call to action. During this week, every time a patient calls to schedule an appointment, ask them what reminded them to call you. If any of your patients state it was the post on Facebook, you know your strategy is working. By simply making a goal when strategizing your social media marketing, it allows you to devise a plan that will reach this goal.

What Social Media Do I Need to Be Using?

This seems to be a major question today with so many social media options. We highly recommend all clients have a Facebook page as the minimal requirement. Facebook gives the review power of Google and Yelp with the updates of Twitter. Instagram and Snapchat are great to use if you post a lot of before and after photos, videos of procedures, or other visuals.

Contact Dental Affiliate for More Information

If you are unsure how to use your social media effectively or have other questions outside of our social media FAQs, contact our experts at Dental Affiliate for an active and goal oriented social media strategy. We can advise you what to post, how to reach goals, and implement blogging for the extra effort. Contact us today to get started!


how social media influences your patients

When you post on social media, your posts will have an influence on your patients who follow you. For example, if you post about dental implants a lot, a patient will become more interested in dental implants and wonder if they are a candidate for the procedure. If you are unsure if this is true, think back to your own personal social media accounts. Is there an ad or several articles about a particular product you are interested in, and the more you see it and learn about it the more you wanted it? This is an example of how social media marketing works in today’s day and age. At Dental Affiliate, we want our clients to achieve the most out of their social media marketing efforts, which is why we have provided some tips below.

Post Consistently About a Procedure You Want to Give More

If you recently purchased a CEREC and you are trying to earn back the money you paid for it, social media is a great place to advertise your same day crowns, veneers and more. Not all patients are aware of the difference of their dentist using a CEREC versus sending to the lab, which is why you should also use this as an opportunity to explain how it works. Once you post about a particular procedure enough times, especially cosmetic dentistry, patients are more likely to consider it for themselves.

Post Before & After Photos/Videos

If you are not already consistently posting before and after photos or videos of the amazing dental transformations you are responsible for (with the patient’s permission), social media is the place to do it. Your patients who follow you will see these transformations and begin to question if they are in need of a smile makeover or a particular procedure. Before and after photos are motivational for patients who are hesitant to get work done that they either want or need. These posts influence your patients to take the plunge to finally schedule an appointment.

Post About Dental Education

If you post small facts, or posts about dental education, for example, how to properly brush and floss teeth, it’s likely that your patients will see it and actually take the advice their dentist has posted. Although this doesn’t benefit your dental practice, it will benefit the lives of your patients. What kind of patient wouldn’t like to learn how to have the healthiest mouth possible anyways?

Contact Us to Learn More

Social media is a great way to influence your patients to contact you about a certain procedure you offer. If you are unsure how to manage your social media marketing, or are interested in having a regular blog post on your social media, contact Dental Affiliate today. We offer a full range of social media and content marketing services.

social media post ideas

Including a great social media strategy is the best way to take your company’s online reputation to a new level. Creating engaging content is a smart way to interact more with your patients. It also makes you look good when potential patients are scoping out a new dentist. With the help of some alliteration and hashtags, we have compiled a list of great ideas for you to post daily on your social media, whether it is your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this will help you have a content idea for every day of the week.


This is one of the top trending hashtags on Mondays on social media. This is a great way to start a conversation with your patients. Post an inspiring quote or an inspiring story or image about your dental practice. On Twitter, 60% of the Motivation Monday tweets are retweets, meaning people aren’t posting their own, they are looking at others. This is a great opportunity for you to gain more followers.


Transformation Tuesday is a great excuse to post a before and after image of one of your patients. With their consent, post one of your dentist’s best cosmetic work. This might inspire a patient to call you up for a procedure or comment about a transformation they want.


Wellness Wednesday is a way to share dental health facts and advice for a healthier mouth with your patients. This can create a conversation and educate your patients.


For Thankful Thursday, post an image of a patient who is thankful for the dental work they had done, or post how thankful you are for all of your patients. You can post an image with your favorite patient and what you love about them.


Feel Good Friday is all about feeling good. This can be an excuse to post a patient who is feeling great about their smile, or a procedure that leaves patients feeling good, like a teeth whitening treatment!


On Saturday’s, post a selfie of one of your happy patients! There’s nothing your followers would rather see than the smile you have to help a patient achieve. If none of you patients wanted to take a selfie, post one of you and your coworkers having fun in the office.


If your dental office does any community service or helps low-income communities with dental care, feel free to post all about this on Sundays! Potential patients love seeing dental practices with a heart.

Lost on Ideas?

When in doubt, search trending hashtags to find inspiration for something to post. If you have a HootSuite account you can see it on there, or by searching directly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you have any questions about social media, contact us at Dental Affiliate today!