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Blogging is more than just a hobby, it can positively impact your website and the experience of your website visitors. There are many ways you can use your blog to enhance visitor’s website experience. First and foremost, you can use it as a tool to educate your patients about the latest news in the dental world and information about procedures you offer. This provides your current patients with the latest information all the time and helps you attract new patients.

  • 80% of consumers trust information and advice on blogs

  • Website traffic increases up to 30% when there are at least 20 blogs posted

  • Reading custom content makes about 60% of consumers feel more positive about a business

Boosts SEO

One of the top reasons to blog regularly on your website is to boost SEO. Whether you are in a competitive market or not, having some help with your SEO is never a bad idea. Boosting your SEO means you will drive more traffic to your website and as a result, acquire more new patients. The more content you have and the more you update your website, the more Google preferences the website. Blogging can also help you be found under long-tail keywords.

Improve Credibility

When you regularly post about dental news, procedures and other information, it gives you more credibility because it shows you stay on top of the latest news, and care about keeping your patients updated. When you regularly provide advice for your patient’s concerns in laymen language, it shows you care about educating your patients without trying to sound too educated for them to understand.

Enhance Social Media Marketing

Sharing links to your latest blogs on social media is a strategic way to always have something to post. Sometimes it can be hard to think of new things to post on your business social media pages. Having a regular blog makes this easy! This is also a terrific way to show your followers when new blogs have just gone up. Being active on social media is just as important as being active on your website.

Show Your Brand and Personality

If you decide to add your own blogs to your website as opposed to the blogs we add through content marketing at Practice Affiliate, this is a way to showcase your personality and brand. You can add personalized blogs about stories about patients, or tooth friendly recipes, or even writing an opinion piece about a procedure or discovery in the dentistry field. You can also use your blog to make announcements about your practice, news about any employees, or recent community service events you have attended. Having personalized blog posts in addition to educational posts improves your credibility and helps enhance your brand and personality.

Increase New Patients

You may gain a new patient through your blog. This can happen when they Google a topic you have written about on your blog, like FAQs about Invisalign. Your blog link can easily get clicked on, and after reading your content, the patient may have liked what you wrote just enough to give you a call and set up an appointment.

Learn More About Content Marketing at Practice Affiliate

If you are interested in starting a dental blog but aren’t sure where to start, consider our content marketing options at Practice Affiliate. We can help strategize blog posts that not only enhance your website by boosting SEO but provide more information for your patients and prospective patients. Contact us today to learn more!


blogging or website content

All websites are different so some websites may find blogging to be more important than their website content. E-commerce sites, for example, may not have much to say about their products in their website content so it may be more beneficial to talk about their products within a blog. Businesses like dental offices, on the other hand, will benefit more from good website content than from a blog. Learn more about the differences and what makes a blog and website content give the best results possible.

You may have read our past blog explaining the differences between a blog and a page on your website, if not, here’s a quick refresher. A page is valued by search engines as the most valuable information on your website. Pages typically contain information that will always be helpful for viewers and are linked out on the menu. Blogs, on the other hand, are associated with a date, making them less valuable to search engines. Blogs usually contain information that is relevant to the time or information that is not important enough to be included on a page within the website.


Blogs are a great way to interact with your clients, patients or customers, keep them updated on news in your business, alert them of specials going on, and to give more information about your products, procedures or services you offer. Websites that should focus on blogging are websites that already have great SEO and an abundance of great website content. At this point, blogging will not only help maintain your SEO, it will give your business more credibility. Even just blogging weekly shows that you are active in your business and care about your readers enough to provide them with additional information each week. When it comes to blogging and website content in general, the higher the word count, the better. Although you shouldn’t add lots of filler text just to get your word count up. Make sure all the content is original and informative.

Website Content

Websites that should focus on improving their website content are websites with bad SEO, or just don’t have much content on their website in general. To improve your website content, you should structure our all your services you want to be ranking for. Based on this list, pages about those services will be created. For best results, each page will contain about 1,000 words of all original content filled with your target keywords. Once your website content is complete and you have as much information as possible on your website about the services you offer, should you begin to blog. Blogging helps you add additional information about these procedures that you may not think are important enough to include on the service page.

Is Content All for SEO Purposes?

No! Website content is a very important factor of SEO, but its main purpose is to educate your website visitors. The more information on your website, the fewer questions your patients or customers will ask during their visit. Although questions are always welcome, the fewer questions asked, the more time you will save and the more people you can help. Website content is also great when patients or customers are visiting you and want to learn more on their own time. At this point, you can direct them to your website to visit and explore at their convenience.

Need Help with Content Marketing?

Talk to us at Practice Affiliate, and we will help you rewrite your website content to include all services you offer. In addition, we can help set up a regular blog to release the latest information. Contact us to learn more. Visit our other blogs to learn more about digital marketing, social media and more!


content distribution

If you are putting time and money into producing great content but you aren’t distributing it correctly, this is a problem. Not only is content distribution important for SEO, it helps brand your business as being a credible resource. Learn how to better distribute your content, whether it’s blogs or pages on your website, before and after results, or even office information.

Email Marketing

Emails are still relevant even though some people feel it is a bit outdated. Although social media seems to be the go-to for businesses to release news and information, emails are still useful resources for information. There are tons of free email marketing websites out there to help you reach out to your patients. MailChimp is one of the most used email marketing programs. It’s very user friendly and gives you analytics of your email campaigns so you know how you can improve. With email marketing, you can send your patients monthly coupons, links to your latest blogs, office news and more. This is a great way to distribute any new content you have for your business. You can even add a subscribe to email button put on your website in addition to your social media pages so patients can sign up. Be sure to also have patients sign up when they are in the office!

Social Media

Social media has slowly taken over the internet and has become most people’s ways of reading the news or finding out new information. It’s incredibly important that you share all your content on your social media pages. Of course, your posts should differ depending on which platform you are posting on. For example, you can only use so many characters on twitter, so make your post count. If you are posting on Instagram, make sure your imagery is worth looking at. Facebook will most likely be your best place to post links and other information since it is the most used social media platform. Share links to your latest blog posts, new pages on your website, specials you have going on and even photos.

Share Snippets with Links

Maybe your followers on social media or people subscribed to your email marketing list don’t want to read an entire blog post. This is where sharing a snippet from it comes in. Simply post a piece of the blog that is most important or that captures the reader’s attention. Or you can write a brief summary about it. Then you can attach a link and write “continue reading” if people want to learn more. If there is information about the link attached with it, your followers will be more likely to click on it instead of going in blind.

Enjoy the Results

Once you start distributing your content better, the results will help you expand your business. You can see an increase in the number of patients you have, old patients might finally make the call to schedule an overdue appointment, and your SEO will improve. If you need help coming up with content, consider our content marketing services with weekly deployed blogs. Contact us at Practice Affiliate to learn more.


website traffic

If you have recently viewed your website stats and notice you are receiving a small number of visitors every day or the number has been stagnant for a while, it’s time to evaluate how patients are being driven to your website. The most common way a patient finds your website is through search results on search engines. This is typically achieved through good SEO practice or through pay-per-click advertising. There are many other ways you can be driving traffic to your website though! Read on to learn what you can easily do to increase your website traffic.

Post Links to Your Website on Your Social Media Pages

If you do not already have links to your website on your social media pages, be sure to do that immediately. Your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts should all have your website address as part of the contact info. Your social media posts should contain links to your blog, procedure pages, or just about any page on your website. This encourages your followers, or people who find themselves on your social media page to visit your website. As a result, your web traffic will start to grow. Make a habit of posting links to your website regularly for a larger turnaround. As a bonus, the more outbound links into your website, the better your SEO is. This is called off-page SEO.

Grow Your Online Reviews

Growing your online reviews helps drive more traffic to your website because more reviews make your practice more credible. It shows that lots of patients have visited you and found their experience to be review worthy. When a patient is searching for a new dentist, they will scroll through the list and more than likely click on the ones with more reviews, and from there click on their website to learn more about them. You can grow your reviews by simply asking your patients to leave one after their visit, or you can use review software like ReviewDoor to text the patients after their visit to leave a review. This software also prevents any negative reviews from going public.

Comment on Dental Related Articles

Another way to drive traffic to your website is by commenting on articles on news websites or dental blogs, Facebook links, or replying to tweets using your business’s page. This makes your practice appear in more places than just your business pages. You can even include links to your website in these comments if it is relevant to the topic. This helps anyone reading through the comments see your business page which can drive even more traffic to your website, and give your credibility as a dentist because you are active in the online dental community.

Need More Ideas or Help with More Website Traffic?

If your website traffic numbers are stagnant or just haven’t been increasing, it’s time to make a change. Use our ideas above to help drive more website traffic which can help increase your patient amount. In addition, more outbound links to your website helps your SEO! Contact Practice Affiliate for any help you may need with blogging, SEO or ReviewDoor software.

You may be wondering what the difference is between your pages of information and your blog posts with information. Pages and posts vary in SEO reasons in addition to the type of content posted. Although there are no strict rules behind what needs to be posted on each, SEO should be taken into consideration when determining this.


Pages contain your most important content, for example, they contain the “main” topics. Pages are used for valuable information because search engines recognize them as a higher value than blog posts. Any information you feel is valuable to your patients for them to easily access through the menu should be placed on pages. Pages can be used for information about procedures, contact information, about the practice information, technology, or even patient forms. Think of the content that is on the pages as permanent content because it is timeless and relevant to patients always. These are pages that patients will constantly visit for information.

Blog Posts

Since blog posts have a time stamp on them, they are considered of less value. This time stamp shows search engines that the information on the blog is relevant to the date, therefore devaluing the SEO of the post as time goes on. Blog posts are great for giving patients information about holidays, quizzes, any fun facts, news in the dental world, or even office announcements. Blogs carry more value the newer they are, and as more are posted, the old ones shift down the blog feed, lessening the likelihood of readers.

Should I Blog it or Post a Page?

If you are questioning whether the information you want to post should be a blog or a page, think of how relevant the information is. Will your patients need to know this in a year? If the answer is yes, you should post a page. If it’s a simple topic explaining things, like this blog entry, for example, keep it as a blog. Be sure to follow SEO guidelines for content writing for best results. This includes a 350-word count minimum. If you don’t have that much to say, you might want to keep it in a blog entry. Of course, nobody will flag you if you post a blog as a page or a page as a blog, it’s merely an educated preference.

Contact Dental Affiliate for Content Marketing

If you want to regularly add a page or blog of content to your website to benefit your website in multiple ways, get into contact with Dental Affiliate to learn more. Not sure if the website on your content is good? Contact us and we will let you know if it’s benefiting or hurting your SEO.

website content

When it comes to SEO, content is highly important. If you think about it, your content is the main reason patients are visiting your website. Thus, you should take your content seriously, especially after learning how much it affects your SEO. SEO is comprised of a large list of contributing factors. This includes website speed, links, meta tags, meta descriptions, Google+ pages, content and more. When it comes to website content, it needs to be written in a specific way and follow certain guidelines. Otherwise it can spam your website and cause your SEO to worsen. Learn more about website content and how to achieve the best results for your website.

Avoid Spammed Content

Spammed content or plagiarized content can hurt your SEO. When a website has the same content as another website (even just a few sentences), search engines recognize this as spam and will, therefore, flag it as irrelevant, forcing your rankings down. To avoid spammed content, it is best to run it through a plagiarism checker, like Copyscape. This will show you if any of your content matches another website. Content is considered plagiarized if 5 or more words match another website. Another way of spamming your content is by overusing your keywords. For example, if you have a page about dental implants and you think by writing “dental implants” 50 times on your page is going to help your SEO, you are wrong. Sentences need to flow and not have any keyword stuffing.

Content Writing Guidelines

For best SEO results, content should follow these guidelines. Each page should have around 450 words of original content. Throughout the text should be keywords you are hoping to rank under; however, they should not be overstuffed. We recommend linking to other pages throughout the text, in addition to the home page and contact page. Keywords should be mentioned in headings (H1, H2, H3) for Google to recognize them as being more important than other text on the page. Lastly, the sentences should be written in language that can be understood by a 10-year-old. Search engines are not a fan of your high vocabulary or run on sentences. Keep things short and simple.

The More Content, The Better

If you are unsure of how many pages your website should have, more is always better. The more content on your website, the more opportunities search engines have to crawl your site. This can result in higher rankings, especially if you have multiple pages about one subject. If you continually add a blog or new page each week, Google recognizes this as an active website, keeping your rankings up and inactive sites down.

Start Improving Your SEO With Website Content Now

Fresh content can make all the difference with your website, especially if it’s written and posted correctly. If you are experiencing spammed website content, or are interested in content marketing, contact Dental Affiliate a today to start improving your SEO and website overall.

Long Tail Keywords for SEO

If you didn’t already know, the content on your website is incredibly important when it comes to SEO. The more original content on your website, the better. The search engines recognize both short tail keywords and long tail keywords. What’s the difference? Short tail is no more than two words. For example, “dental crowns.” This gives the user information about dental crowns on the first page. Long tail keywords, for example, are a lot longer and bring more filtered results, like “same day dental crowns in San Diego.” The long tail keyword search brings concise results, giving you exactly what you are looking for, a dentist that offers same day dental crowns in San Diego. It’s important to use these long tail keywords throughout the content, even dedicating certain pages to these keywords. Learn why long tail keywords matter and how they can help your website.

Target A Specific Audience

Long tail keywords are great when you are trying to target a specific audience for a certain procedure. Say, for example, you want more teens in your office for whitening treatments. You can deploy a page written about teeth whitening for teens in San Diego. Or maybe you want to be found under “affordable dentures in San Diego,” so you write a blog about the affordable dentures at your practice. By using these long tail keywords, you are more likely to be found on Google. Not only does this help your online visibility, but it helps your overall marketing strategy. Sit down and make a list of your marketing goals, and the procedures you want to do more of. Put yourself in your patient’s shoe to brainstorm what they would type in Google. This is how you come up with your long tail keywords.

Better Search Engine Rankings

As stated before, implementing long tail keywords is a great way to improve your visibility on Google. Perhaps you are already being found under “Dental Crowns San Diego”, why not also be found under “Same Day Dental Crowns San Diego” if you have a CEREC in the office? Another benefit of using long tail keywords is the ability to be found under questions. Put yourself in your patient’s shoe. What kind of questions would they ask? How about “What are Same Day Crowns?” The more variety in topics and keywords you use throughout your pages and blogs on your website, the more likely you will be found in more areas of search engines.

More Website Traffic

It’s a given that improved SEO will increase website traffic.

More website traffic = more patients = more profit for your practice.

If that isn’t an incentive to invest in content marketing for long tail keywords, then we don’t know what is. With a weekly blog, or adding new pages to your website, as well as tweaking content you already have, your dental website can increase the number of keywords it’s found under.

Start Your Content Marketing Strategy For Better SEO Today

Now that you’re a little more educated on the topic of long tail keywords, it’s time to start implementing this new found knowledge throughout your website. At Dental Affiliate, we offer our clients the perks of weekly blogs deployed on your website. These blogs and additional pages will focus on long tail keyword searches. To increase your website traffic and the number of patients in your practice, contact us at Dental Affiliate today.


instagram live for your dental practice

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed a change on your Instagram account; there’s a new feature, Instagram Stories. What’s Instagram Stories you might wonder? It’s basically like Snapchat, but it’s on Instagram. Rumor has it that Instagram, owned by Facebook, tried to buy Snapchat, but Snapchat wouldn’t bite. It what seems like retaliation, Instagram has implemented this new Snapchat-like feature. It allows you to post videos or images on your Instagram account that disappear after 24 hours. What’s appealing about this feature being on Instagram, is that you can post as much as you like without feeling like you are spamming your followers because it doesn’t show up on your feed. Instead, your profile picture will appear at the top of user’s screens if they follow you, and they simply tap your icon to view your story. This new feature will hopefully help users stop posting repetitive content. Brands, companies, and practices are using this new feature to enhance their content marketing and social media strategy and so can you with these helpful tips.

Tell A Story

A great way to use Instagram Stories is to tell a story to your followers. This can be a complete run through of a patient’s appointment (with their permission) from start to finish. It can be a great marketing technique for patients who are curious to try your dental practice or are interested in learning more about the procedures you are doing. Why not just post a video or a before and after photo on your Instagram wall? You can definitely post one or two, but with Instagram Stories, you can post more without annoying your followers. One of the main reasons people unfollow Instagram channels is because they post too often.

Influence Your Followers

Maybe one of your followers has been considering dental implants or a particular whitening product but are unsure about taking the plunge. With Instagram Stories, you can feature products or procedures and their results. Every day you can feature a new product or procedure to get your followers interested, this is called influence.

Increase Communication

With Instagram Stories, followers can directly message the Instagram Stories story they are viewing. This is great when you post a procedure and a patient has questions. An increase in communication will up your chances that the patient will pick up the phone and schedule an appointment. It’s important to have someone monitoring the Instagram channel regularly to respond to inquiries.


Use Instagram Stories to educate your patients, feature a fun fact every day or do a fun fact Friday. Your patients will love learning more about their dental health and how to improve it. You can also educate your patients by demonstrating how to floss or brush correctly. It’s also a great place to show off the technology you have in office and how it works.

Have Fun

Instagram Stories can be used to demonstrate how fun and friendly the staff can be. This is great for patients who don’t really look forward to their dental appointments. Looking forward to a fun environment with a great staff really changes the perception of dental appointments.

Start Implementing Instagram Stories Today

If your dental practice doesn’t already have an Instagram account, it’s time to make one. Instagram is great for featuring your before and after photos in addition to showcasing other aspects of your dental practice. Be sure to send out an email or ask patients in office to follow your Instagram account. Contact us at Dental Affiliate if you have any questions about how to expand your social media or content marketing horizon.

content marketing

Content Marketing a.k.a. Continual SEO You may have heard of “content marketing,” but do you know exactly what it entails and the many benefits it can bring your website? Simply stated, content marketing is showcasing the content on your website to bring brand awareness and enhance SEO. In other words, content marketing will help drive your rankings up on search engines for specific keywords, and create a larger brand awareness by having more content available and at a higher rank for viewers—it super charges your SEO. Overall, content marketing drives more traffic to your website from several sources. A successful content marketing strategy will keep you from searching for new patients and instead direct them to you. At Dental Affiliate, we implement content marketing for already optimized websites to keep them ranked, and websites that need some help growing their online presence.

Content Marketing Strategies for Your Dental Practice

Blogs for Continual SEOcontent marketing

If you browse through our client’s websites, you can see that the high majority of them have some sort of blog. With these blog entries, we post expanded topics about pages the client already has on their website. With the help of interlinking and posting on social media, this not only drives website traffic, but increases search engine rankings for the specified topic. The more content available on your website, the better!

 Custom Video Marketing Featuring Your Doctors and Patients

Like posting blogs on the website, uploading videos about your business onto YouTube will also drive more website traffic. When searching for a specific topic on either Yahoo, Google, or YouTube, your video will show up on these searches and drive viewers to your website, where your video will also be seen. Recent studies have shown that by 2017, 74% of the internet’s traffic will be from videos. This means that users are more likely to view a video online than read something. Invest in custom made videos today to stay ahead of the marketing curve.

 Social Media Marketing for Your Dental Community

Thanks to the social media generation, content marketing for a large amount of people just got a little bit easier. With social media, we post links to your latest blogs, new videos or other reasons to link to your site. These links give users a reason to click to your website, easy ways to share information, a simple way to communicate, and more.

 Mobile Content for Your Patient’s Convenience

Dental Affiliate Content Marketing for dentists Mobile content doesn’t necessarily mean content that can only be seen on a mobile device, it means the website has been optimized specifically for mobile use. This allows for cleaner navigation, and content that is easier to view. The recent trend of mobile use has made it important for all websites to have a mobile friendly version.

Luckily for you, at Dental Affiliate, we implement all of these features in our content marketing. If you don’t have any custom videos, we have a complete production team available to create the video(s) you desire. Our superior developers are also here to create mobile friendly websites for your practice. Our writers will take care of your blogs and social media. The only thing you have to do is give us a call.

With content marketing, your dental practice will become better known from an increase in content and a rise in search engines. Start putting your brand out there, contact us today to learn more about our content marketing packages.

Dental-Team-of-Consultants-compressorWe’re not just telling you to invest in an SEO Firm because we’re a marketing company, we’re telling you because it’s more effective and cost efficient to pay us as opposed to doing it yourself. Let us lay down our points and you can decide for yourself.

Two Ways to Be Seen On Google

  1. AdWords- Adwords aren’t cheap, if you decide to invest in this instead of choosing SEO, you will pay anywhere from $1 to $50 per click. A small business can throw away an average of $100,000 just to be seen on a paid search. Once you stop paying for it, you stop ranking.
  2. Strong SEO- Search Engine Optimization is constantly changing due to the high intelligence of search engines. Having strong SEO will get you ranked high on Google longer term and for less money than AdWords would.

Why Hire an SEO Firm?

Dental Affiliate aka Practice Affiliate

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We are here to provide you with long term results. Our number one goal is to see our clients succeed. We know that if you decide to do your own SEO in your spare time, or invest in AdWords, you will be wasting your time and money and not get the results you want.

SEO is a full-time effort. You can’t expect good results if you’re only putting in an hour or two of work per week. When you hire an SEO firm with proven results, you can be guaranteed that they will be focusing more energy on fulfilling your long term goals than you ever would.

One major benefit to hiring an SEO firm is that they tend to have in house copywriters, web developers, content managers and analytic experts to ensure that your website is receiving all of the attention it needs. These services tend to be very costly when seeking them as individual services, SEO firms can give you an entire package, usually at a bundle price. Having one team work on all aspects of your internet presence will give you better results than using individuals.

When you hire an SEO firm, you can be certain that the company is staying up to date on Google standards to ensure that their work efforts produce positive results. This can require hours of research per month. In order to rank on Google’s high-end intelligence, research is necessary.

Why Not Manage My Own SEO?

SEO is extremely time-consuming. If you have the time and skills to dedicate to your practice, go ahead. However, most doctors and dentists want to spend their free time researching new medical practices or going on vacation, not keeping up with their website’s SEO. Therefore, you will not get the same outstanding results doing it yourself as you would with an SEO firm.

SEO Another option would be to hire a single personal SEO consultant.  You can either hire someone full time or a consultant for a few hours every week. One of the downsides to this is how much it costs to hire an SEO consultant. Freelancers will charge you anywhere from $100 an hour (and are a tad bit crazy, shown in the image on the left)! With an SEO Firm, you will be charged one set monthly fee for SEO efforts which usually tends to be a lot cheaper than the salary of one in office SEO consultant. Another perk to being a firm is that you will have monthly meetings where you will be informed of your website’s progress.

The Verdict

With the provided information, unless you have a large stack of money to spend or an abundance of free time, if you want results that last at a price that won’t hurt your budget, turn to an SEO Firm to cater to all of your SEO and website needs. Here at Dental Affiliate, we can start helping you by providing an audit of your current website to see where you need help.

Also, if you really can’t make up your mind, just compare the image of the SEO Firm to the SEO Freelancer. Which would you rather work with?