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With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the staff here at Dental Affiliate are thankful for lots! We thought we would share what we are thankful for in the digital marketing world.

We Are Thankful For:

  1. Dentists

Without dentists, there would be no Dental Affiliate. We are thankful to you for providing us with business, great client relationships, and the world with healthy smiles.

  1. Social Media

Social media is constantly changing, and as it evolves, we evolve with it. We love learning about the new ways we can market for our clients, and social media happens to be one of the most fun!

  1. Working in San Diego

We are blessed to be working in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (with the best weather). Our office is in a great location in Sorrento Valley just a short drive to the beach.

  1. New Software Development

We are always looking to improve our business for ourselves and our clients. We are thankful to always be moving forward in software development. In the past year, we have released ReviewDoor. There is more to be developed on the horizon!

  1. Our Team

We have a great team of hardworking people, always working to give you the best service possible. Our team is not only hardworking, but fun to work with.

  1. Technology Advancements

The internet is always changing, software is always changing, computers are always changing. We are thankful that technology is moving forward, allowing us to expand our knowledge and produce results we never thought possible.

  1. Coffee

Dental Affiliate runs on coffee, and for that we are thankful to be able to savor each delectable sip every morning to get our day started.

  1. Faster Internet

We are beyond thankful that dial up internet is in the past. Our high-speed internet allows us to work faster to complete our tasks for fast turnarounds.

  1. WordPress

We are beyond thankful for WordPress, which allows us to easily and quickly make changes to your website when you need them.

  1. Happy and Successful Clients

Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients succeed and accomplish their goals with our help!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Dental Affiliate team. We give many thanks, especially to our readers. Be sure to contact us for all your internet marketing needs.

We wanted to take a moment and wish America; “Happy Birthday”. Today we celebrate with BBQ’s, family, cold beverages and fireworks!

While most American’s know that it’s the U.S.’s birthday on July 4th, did you also know:

  1. The United States spends over $1 million plus on beer alone on this day. Wow!
  2. On this day only two presidents signed the Declaration of Independence. Yes, that right, only 2!
  3. Did you know that there was a president born on the Fourth of July? It was Calvin Coolidge, our 30th President (1872).
  4. There were 3 Presidents that died on the Fourth of July; John Adams, James Monroe, and Thomas Jefferson.
  5. In 1870, Independence Day became a National Holiday. Yay; paid day off!!!
  6. Legend has it that national hot dog contests (& we all know how much we ❤️ hotdogs!) were started with a few immigrants proving they were more patriotic than the other. How to prove you’re the most patriotic you say? By proving you can eat the most hotdogs of coarse. Ha!
  7. Can you believe there was only 2.5 million people in this beautiful country when the Declaration of Independence was signed?!!! How many people live in U.S. today? The closest one to the answer will win a prize! 🎁 (please keep it fun by guessing and not googling 😉)
  8. In 1777 Congress decided to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks, bells and bonfires. This is why people blow their fingers off every year. LOL.

4th of July at Dental AffiliateFrom your Dental Affiliate, Plastic Surgery Affiliates & San Diego Business Media teams; have a memorable, safe 4th of July weekend everyone! We wish you and yours the very best.