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website updates

Do you update your website frequently? If your answer is no, let us tell you why it’s important to regularly update your website. Updates can be something as simple as swapping out some text or pictures or adding in a new page of content. Whatever your update is, it’s beneficial to your website, SEO and website viewers. Luckily, clients of Practice Affiliate can send over minor update requests every month, free of charge, for us to complete in a timely fashion.

Updates Help SEO

One of the easiest and best ways to maintain great visibility on search engines is by regularly making updates to your website. When your website stays stagnant for too long, Google decides to stop crawling your website, forcing your rankings to begin to plummet. However, if your website is regularly making changes, this shows Google that your website is staying updated on the latest information and that it is relevant. This, as a result, helps your website rank higher and stay there.

Also, adding new pictures or fresh content is always great for SEO, especially when it comes to keywords. If someone in your office wants to add some blogs to your website in addition to the ones we are already adding, let us know and we will gladly post them for you. The more content on your website, the better for SEO and for your viewers.

Updates Keep Your Website Up-to-Date

If you recently purchased a new piece of dental technology, that is definitely something noteworthy of adding to your website. When a patient goes onto your website, it’s important that all information on it is current, that way when they call to ask about something on your website, you don’t have to tell them you no longer do that procedure or have that technology. This is a great way to avoid those conversations and give your patients the most recent information about your practice. It’s also great to add information about charity events you have attended or important closures for holidays or due to weather (it’s also great to post these on social media). Website updates are the best way to keep your patients informed about all recent activity in your office.

Updates Improve User Experience

We are all human, so it’s possible we make a mistake on your website. Maybe it’s hard to read the font on a page, or perhaps a link isn’t working. When you notice these problems, it’s important to reach out to us and let us know so we can fix them. We want all users to have a great experience on your website so they continue to go back to it for more information or for your contact information. Any issues you find are worth telling us about so we can keep you and all users happy with their experience!

Updates Are Free – Contact Us Today

Unless you want a complicated update, like a design re-do (which we do for free every 2 years!), we are happy to provide your website updates free of charge! This means you have no excuse not to send us updates every month to keep your information up-to-date. If there are updates you have been meaning to send over to us, contact us at Practice Affiliate today.

break up with marketing company

Business relationships and services are a lot like personal relationships, and unfortunately, sometimes they need to come to an end. If your internet marketing company isn’t giving you the results you are looking for, or haven’t kept their promises, odds are you are thinking about leaving them. There are tons of marketing companies out there, so don’t feel like you need to settle with the first one you picked. Here are some examples of red flags that can indicate that it’s time to break up with your internet marketing company for a new one.

Promises Were Not Delivered

Let’s face it, sometimes salespeople will tell you anything you want to hear to get their sale. When it comes to internet marketing, the salespeople may promise to get your website on page one of Google or to grow your social media accounts by hundreds of followers. If you have been promised things that are not being fulfilled, speak with your internet marketing company about it. If there is no way that they can accomplish your goals or can come up with a legitimate excuse as to why your goals have not been fulfilled, this is a huge red flag.

Lack of Communication

If you are throwing a huge chunk of change away to your internet marketing company every month, you should be in constant contact with them (at least once a month). A lack of communication is never a good sign. If your marketing company isn’t eager to talk to you or doesn’t try to communicate with you regularly, this should be another red flag. A lack of communication shows that someone is not doing their job and are avoiding the confrontation. If your marketing company is avoiding communication with you, confront them about it.

Nothing New to Offer

Internet marketing companies should try to stay ahead of the curve, this should include implementing the best strategies for your business. This should include new software, like review software, or even the latest SEO strategy. If your internet marketing company isn’t offering you anything new, this should be a concern because they are supposed to be experts in the field.

You’re Not Sure Where Your Money Is Going

If you are paying money to your marketing company every month but they don’t give you a breakdown of where the money is going, you should be concerned. If they say it goes towards SEO but don’t provide you a straight answer of their strategy, this should be a red flag.

Find A Company That is Right for You

Don’t waste your time and money on a company that isn’t providing you with results. Contact Practice Affiliate today to learn how we can be the marketing company you are searching for. We offer a variety of services including custom website designs, SEO, content marketing, social media management, and review software.

Ask Before Hiring a Marketing Company

Choosing a marketing company for your dental practice should be a lengthy process since you are hiring them to establish your online presence. We want our clients to make educated decisions when it comes to working with us, or another marketing company. We don’t want to leave you in the dark, so we have comprised a list of questions we feel you should ask a marketing company when you are thinking of hiring them. If the company can’t answer these questions for you, that should be a red flag.

Why Do I Need an Internet Marketing Company?

Let the internet marketing company you are interested in tell you why you need them. First off, you need an internet marketing company to improve your internet presence, whether this means your website needs a fresh coat of paint, or if your practice is not found anywhere on Google. Every dental practice needs some sort of marketing help, whether it is done in house, or outsourced to a marketing company or freelancers. Regardless, every practice needs help marketing, otherwise there is no growth. Before deciding to go with an in house marketing director or a marketing company, read about the pros and cons to working with a marketing company.

Do They Specialize in Your Industry?

Does the marketing company you are interested in specializing in dentistry? If they don’t, that is a red flag. With market exclusivity, the marketing company is more likely to present your brand and provide better results for you since they specialize in the industry. If they work exclusively with dental practices and they deliver results, you will benefit.

How Will Your Results Be Measured and Reported?

You will need to ask your marketing company how you can hold them accountable. If you are paying for SEO, but the company refuses to give you an SEO report, you can assume they are not actually doing their job. Your marketing company should be able to provide you with some sort of report to show their progress.

What If We End Our Business?

If you decide to end business with this potential marketing company after say 6 months with them, you should know what you do or do not own. If you buy a website but you don’t get to keep it unless you are paying monthly fees, that should be a red flag. Talk to your marketing company about what happens when you part ways.

How Will My Marketing Strategy Be Executed?

Your marketing company should be able to tell you exactly how they plan to execute their marketing strategy for you. This is especially important when it comes to SEO. If they can’t tell you how they are going to get you on page 1 on Google, but promise they will do so, they might be using black hat tactics, which can actually hurt your SEO. Find out how the company plans to deliver results before signing up with them.

A Marketing Company You Can Trust

We might be a little bias, but at Dental Affiliate, we provide our clients with a great internet marketing solution. Our clients work with us, contract free.  And if we part ways, you keep everything you buy. Before deciding on one of our competitors, give our agency a call to find out if we’re right for you. Contact us today to learn more.


pros and cons to hiring a marketing company

Online marketing companies aren’t for every dental practice, which is why we want to inform you the best that we can before you begin to work with us. When it comes to marketing, most companies decide between doing everything in house, or outsourcing to an online company. Occasionally, dentists will use a hybrid of both. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of hiring an internet marketing company.


Skills in Every Area

When you hire a marketing director, as opposed to an internet marketing company, you are only getting the skills that that one person solely possesses. Whereas, when you hire a marketing company, you receive help from people in several departments, all specialists in their field. It would be rare to find a marketing director with the same set of skills that you can get from multiple people at an internet marketing company. In the end, it is much cheaper to pay for an internet marketing company, than for the salary of a marketing director who can do it all.

With a marketing company, you receive all of the following:

  • SEO Specialists
  • Web Developers
  • Content Marketers
  • Writers
  • Designers
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Project Managers
  • Brand Managers

Access to Extra Resources

Most marketing companies use special software and data analysis tools that they will let you have access to. In addition, they regularly have special software available such as review software to enhance your marketing efforts. These extra resources come in handy when you need to up your marketing strategy and you are on a budget.

Stay Informed On New Trends

Keeping up with internet marketing is a full-time job itself. With an internet marketing company, they will stay on top of trends in internet marketing, in addition to best practices for SEO and website design. An internet marketing company will always be on top of what’s happening in the industry, which is one huge pro over a full-time employee who may not have time for such research.


Limited Attention

One of the deal breakers when it comes to hiring an internet marketing company over an in house employee is the lack of attention. Internet companies work for hundreds of clients at once, and depending on the team size, your practice might not get the attention it deserves. Luckily, if your marketing company is not doing its job, you can always choose to find another. If your dental practice prefers to have one person solely responsible for all marketing efforts to ensure best results, then go with the full-time employee. Marketing companies can’t give you their your undivided attention, but they do achieve results for your practice.

What is Best for Your Dental Practice?

Whichever option you decide is best for your dental practice is not permanent. If you are unhappy with your results, you can always try out the other option. At Dental Affiliate, we recommend our clients factor all of their needs and wants in addition to researching a company before deciding on one. If you have any questions in regards to how Dental Affiliate can help your dental practice, contact us today.


don't hire a marketing company

There are thousands of internet marketing companies around, which can make it daunting to finally sit down and choose one. We want what is best for our clients which is why we want to provide any prospective clients with reasons why they shouldn’t hire a marketing company. We want to help you achieve the best results, but it’s hard to do if any of the following apply to you.

#1 You Want Full Control

When you hire an online marketing company, they are taking over your online marketing. If you are incapable of not being in control, a marketing company is not for you. We are experts in our fields, which is why we want to take control as much as possible, otherwise, our best strategies can be interrupted and as a result be ineffective.

#2 Your Practice Isn’t Ready

With a strong online marketing strategy comes new patients. Is your practice ready to take on more patients? Does your reputation need to be fixed before strong internet marketing? Is your practice changing names or locations? Although online marketing companies can help with these, you need to be ready for full online branding and marketing.

#3 You Need Patients ASAP

Online marketing isn’t effective overnight. It’s like diet and exercise, you won’t see results overnight, but with consistent hard work, the results are obvious over time.

#4 You Have Too Many Chefs in the Kitchen

If you work with multiple doctors or office managers and everyone wants their input said to the marketing company, then a marketing company is not for you. Unless you can keep a small group of 2-3 people as your marketing committee, online marketing companies won’t work for you. Too many chefs in the kitchen can lead to arguments, indecisiveness, and slow results.

#5 You Want Us to Teach You Marketing So You Can Do It On Your Own

Our job as your online marketing company is not to teach you how to market, it’s to market for you. Although we do give insight as to what you can be doing on your side. If your employees are not doing their share of marketing, you should consider finding employees with those skill sets. Online marketing is always changing, and as an online marketing company, we are always staying on top of what’s new. Unless you hire a full-time employee who also stays on top, you will not achieve the same results.

#6 Someone Will Get in the Way

If there is someone at your office who will prevent us from doing our job, then don’t waste your money on an online marketing company. You will not achieve the results you want and will give us a headache.

Contact Dental Affiliate If You Are Ready

If you have gone through this entire blog without saying a marketing company is not for you, then you are ready! Contact us at Dental Affiliate today to start strategizing the best online marketing tactics for your dental practice.

prepare for new website

After your website design consultation, you wouldn’t think that there is anything you would need to do to prepare for your new website when in reality there are lots of things you should do. Preparing for your new website will help the design process go by a lot smoother in addition to the delivery of your new website. We want your website to be the best it can be, luckily, you can help us with the process.

Collect Before and After Photos

Most dentists have a large variety of before and after photos stocked away for their website or in their office as a portfolio for patients to look at. It will help your us immensely if you collect your before and after photos ahead of time to send over. With your before and after photos, we create a smile gallery to be displayed on your website. Smile galleries are great for displaying your work. They also help patients decide if they should schedule an appointment with you, or consider a certain procedure. If you have not started taking before and after photos as a regular part of your job, read our blog about dental photography to learn some basic tips to start creating your portfolio.

Collect Action Photos of the Dentist with Patients

Most dental websites have basic head shot photos of their dentists, but most are missing the action shots of the dentist working on a patient, or working with other employees. Patients love to see these types of photos on dentist’s websites because it gives them a feel of the environment and dentist. If you haven’t taken any fun action shots yet, it’s time to ask one of your employees to snap some pictures while you are in action to feature on your new website.

Collect Logo Files

If you have a logo you are going to use, it’s important that you provide your internet marketing company with all of the files they will need to create your website. This will help with the design process because logos will need during the entire design process to feature on your website in addition to social media. Collecting your logo files is also important if you are planning on making any changes to it.

Read Through Content

The content on your website is not only important for SEO purposes but because it also represents your brand and philosophy. It’s important that your read through the content either before your website goes live, or shortly after, that way you can be sure that the content represents your philosophy and standards.

Collect Reviews You Want to be Featured

Most dentists will have piles of reviews either peppered throughout the internet on websites like Google+, Yelp, or Facebook, as well a hand written reviews from patients. Whichever reviews stand out to you should be featured on your website. Ahead of launching your new website, you should choose at least 5 reviews to be featured on your website. This helps prospective patients learn a little bit about you through a reference of other patients who have been there. To list all of your reviews available, consider the use of our ReviewDoor software.

Collect Bios About Employees and About the Practice

It’s always beneficial for a website to include information about employees in addition to a biography about the practice. This helps prospective patients learn a little bit about the employees and the dentist office before deciding to make an appointment. To start, have each employee write a short bio about themselves. It can be about education, their job, personal interests or anything you would want patients to know about your employee. For the dentists’ bios, it’s important to include education and continual education. This is great information for patients who are looking for a specialist in a particular area.

Have Any Questions About Your New Website?

If you have any questions about your new website or the photos and files you should provide, please get in contact with us at Dental Affiliate so we can help you the best that we can. We want your website to represent you and your brand in the best way possible. You can reach us by calling 888-907-6909 or by going to our contact us page to fill out our online contact form to be contacted.

how to choose an internet marketing company

How Do I Choose an Internet Marketing Company When There Are So Many?

Choosing a company to take control of your online presence can be a stressful decision. At some point, all of these companies will start looking the same. How do you even begin to choose? There are many factors you should consider when selecting an internet marketing company. Here are some of the things our customers consider when they decided to invest in us.

View Their Work

The marketing agency should have a portfolio of their work. If they don’t, that should be a red flag for you. Viewing the marketing agency’s work is a great way to see the aesthetics and quality of the websites they have created. Scroll through some of the websites and see if what they have created is something you are looking for.

Check Search Engine Rankings of Clients

Another aspect you should be looking for is how well their clients are ranking on social media. If they claim to be an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in SEO, they need to have the results to back up that claim. One way to check is by typing in “dentist in (city)” or “(procedure) in (city).” This will give you an idea of how well these websites are doing on search engines. If the websites are nowhere to be found, that is a red flag to avoid the marketing company.

What Services Are Offered?

How much are you looking to get out of this company? Just a website design, or a full package? Are there other services offered on the side that other companies have? It’s best to work with one company over several for specific services you need. Choose the one where you can get it all in one place.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Check out the reviews that their clients are giving them. Are they satisfied with their services? Would they recommend them? If you can’t find any reviews or just a stack of bad ones, that should be another red flag.

Do They Have a Blog?

Blogs are great tools for customers to learn more about SEO, marketing tactics, and ways to improve their dental practice. Companies who write about useful topics on their blog have their client’s success as a top priority.


Pricing is important for dental practices on a budget. It should be known though, that you always get what you pay for. If you want to pay the lowest amount possible, you will get bad results. If you invest a good chunk of change into your online presence, it will pay off in the end.

Will You Own Everything?

It’s important to know if the marketing company you choose will let you own everything you pay for such as your website, SEO, written content and more. If you decide to part ways with the company, it would be a waste of money to lose everything you paid for.

What Now?

We recommend that you investigate the marketing company for you until you find one that feels right. You will want to find the best internet marketing company for your budget. Don’t sign your money away to a company who won’t deliver the results you are looking for. Contact us at Dental Affiliate for more information about internet marketing.

Your dental brand goes further than the name of your dental office. It’s what makes you unique, it’s what your customers thinks of you, it’s your quality of service. Your brand is associated with everything related to your business, which is why you need to make sure your brand belongs to you.

Brand Name

canstockphoto6346294-compressorIf your brand isn’t unique and doesn’t tell a story, it’s likely that others might have the same name. Before settling on a brand name, it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t belong to anyone else. If you have an extremely common last name and want your dental office to be named after you, you might want to reconsider.  You also wouldn’t want your dental practice’s name associated with a restaurant in the area, it might throw your customers off. Choose your name wisely.


In order to check your brand name to make sure it is completely yours, you need to go further than just googling the name. The website Knowem, allows for you to search your brand name across social networks, websites, and businesses. This is canstockphoto5690715-compressoran extremely helpful tool when checking your brand name. Test all of the names you have in mind!

After checking out your brand name, it’s time to see if your desired domain is taken. If it is, you can attempt to contact the owner and negotiate a price for them to sell it to you. If that doesn’t work, you can set up alerts to let you know when it’s expiring through a Domain Monitor. If the current owner doesn’t renew their domain, you can take it from them. Although, if they renew it and won’t sell it to you for a reasonable price, you might want to reconsider your brand name and/or your desired domain.

Twitter & Social Media

canstockphoto8573210-compressorOn top of checking the domain, you should also be checking for available social media pages and Twitter handles. If there are already Twitter handles using your brand name and you notice that they have been inactive for a long time, you can request access to the account by filling out this form. You need to provide proof of your brand and clearly state that this account is mispresenting your company. The process can take anywhere from a week up to several months. If there are also Facebook or LinkedIn pages with your brand name and they are inactive, you can also request to take over ownership. If you’re having trouble gaining access to Twitter handles or other social media pages that have your brand name, you might reconsider changing your name. If you’re not open to changing the name, be patient, if this brand name is important to you, it’s well worth the wait.

Logo Design

Dental Affiliate Logo DesignLastly, when deciding on a logo design, like your brand name, you need to make sure that it’s not only yours but a symbol for your dental office and what it stands for. This is what customers will see when they think of your dental office. A tooth seems like a generic go to for dentists. If you are set on having a tooth or dental related item incorporated into your logo, try and make yours unique. Or you can take a different route and make your logo completely unrelated to the dental business; instead, make it about your brand name and what it means.

After taking these necessary steps, hopefully, you are finally able to settle on your brand name and start putting your image out there! Contact us here at Dental Affiliate to let us help you create your personalized logo and the website you’ve always dreamed of.