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It is more important now than ever to focus on increasing positive reviews on review websites because of today’s day and age of internet usage. Barely 15 years ago, people found their dentist by sifting through the yellow pages, now it’s done with thorough research of reading reviews and browsing websites. You might be wondering what you can do better to increase the number of new patients coming to your office. The first step is to increase the size of reviews for your practice online. The websites you should be focusing on include: Google+, Yelp, and Facebook.


Why is Google+ at the top of the list of most important review websites? First off, Google is the number one search engine website. Most people find their new dentist simply by Google searching “dentist in (insert city name here)”. When this happens, the top search engine results will display how many stars they have based on reviews and a link to their reviews. Prospective patients will most definitely avoid the low rating dental practices and instead opt for the dental offices with the good reviews. Dental practices can also use pay per click ads to make their practice appear at the top of search results.


Yelp is the second most used review website out there for dentists. Dental practices can also pay for ad space like on Google which can draw more attention. However, if you have bad reviews on Yelp, odds are that ad space won’t help business. Yelp reviews differ from Google reviews in the way they are displayed. Yelp software chooses which reviews to display as helpful at the top of the page based on user activity of the reviewer. This can force your most recent reviews to be displayed at the bottom of the page listed under “reviews that are not currently recommended.” This filter does not affect your overall star score and sometimes can save you from having bad reviews displayed for everyone to see. This filter may either make your business appear to either have good reviews or bad reviews, hopefully, it lies somewhere in the middle.


Facebook is the number one most used social media website, making it an important place for reviews. Although Facebook is not the ideal place to be searching for a dentist, the dentist’s Facebook page may pop up under search engine results, on their website, or on their Yelp page.  There is a new feature on Facebook that allows users to ask for recommendations where other users can recommend other Facebook pages. So, if someone asks for recommendations for a dentist and people list their dental office’s pages, the users will most definitely be reading the reviews on their Facebook page.

How Do I Accumulate More Positive Reviews?

Now that you know the review websites you should be targeting, it’s time to think about gaining more reviews. With our review software, ReviewDoor, we give dental practice’s the ability to text their patients after their visit, prompting them to leave a review on their preferred website. From there, if the review is negative, it will go directly to the dental office without being posted. This gives the office the opportunity to correct the patient’s problems from going public and to make amends. If the review is positive, it is automatically listed on the review websites. If you are interested in learning more about review websites or review software, contact Dental Affiliate today.

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Handle Your Negative Reviews With Confidence

It’s inevitable that your dental practice will receive a negative review at some point. It is like getting a cavity, you can brush your teeth, floss regularly and always see your dentist every 6 months, but the inevitable will happen, and you will somehow end up with a cavity. It’s how you handle the cavity is what counts. Are you going to let it spread or are you going to nip it in the bud and have a filling? We want to provide our clients with solutions for their negative reviews so the problem never gets out of hand. Read on to learn more about how to handle your negative reviews.

So, You Got a Negative Review, What is the First Step?

Your first reaction will probably be anger or disappointment because the patient didn’t seem like they were having a bad experience. Think back to their appointment and try to remember if what they wrote in their review is accurate or not—this will determine your next step. If their review is accurate and their experience is indeed you or your staff’s fault, you can move onto making things right. In addition, you can correct these problems from ever happening again. If the patient’s review is inaccurate, however, you will need to still reach out to the patient to get a better understanding of their situation. If you are overridden with anger, take a day or two to let your emotions calm down before contacting the patient to try and make amends, otherwise, you might respond in a way you can regret down the road.

Reaching Out

Whether the patients wrote a true or false negative review about your practice, it’s best that you try to reach out. Upon contact, hopefully, you can find out further details of their bad experience. This can help you as a business owner learn how to make the experience for other patients better. Next, try to find a way to make amends with the patient, offer them something for free at their next appointment, or send a handwritten apology to prove your sincerity. Once you have made amends (if possible), kindly request for them to delete their negative review. They may or may not delete it, but it’s worth a try.

When Reaching Out Doesn’t Work

Not every patient will take your apology to heart and will, unfortunately, keep their negative review posted for everyone to see. There are a few solutions to this problem. First, you can write a response to the review, giving your perspective to show any people reading the review that you are an honest practice and this one bad patient experience doesn’t prove anything. Second, you can encourage all your other patients to write a positive review for your practice. An abundance of positive reviews will override one negative review, making this one upset patient look discredited. Reacting to this negative review in a positive way shows true professionalism. A negative reaction will make you look unprofessional so it’s best to keep emotions aside.

Implement ReviewDoor to Prevent Negative Reviews from Going Public

If you are concerned about more negative reviews appearing on your review pages, we recommend implementing a review software like ReviewDoor. Think of ReviewDoor as the fluoride protecting your teeth from cavities. It’s always better to take as much prevention possible than to wait for the negative outcome. ReviewDoor works by sending your patients a text messages or emails after their appointment asking them to write a review about their experience. From there, reviews will need to be approved before being posted. This is also a great way to gain more reviews on websites such as Google+, Facebook, and Yelp! If you are experiencing a problem with negative reviews, contact Dental Affiliate today to implement ReviewDoor or ask advice.

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Gain Control of Your Reputation Now!

Maintaining a positive reputation for your dental practice is crucial to acquiring and keeping patients coming to your practice. Your online reputation is especially important in this day and age of mobile devices and social media. Patients are likely to voice their opinions over a digital platform; this is making an impact on reputations everywhere. One bad experience of a patient can hurt your practice if they choose to voice their experience over a reviewing platform such as Yelp, Yahoo, Google+, or even Facebook. This will be visible to everyone who comes across your page and can prevent patients from choosing your practice. At Dental Affiliate, we want your online presence to beat out your competitors, which is why we offer our clients advice as well as software to cope.

ReviewDoor™, Your Bad Review Bodyguard

Maintaining nothing but positive reviews can be a tricky business. There can be something small that might trigger your patient to post a bad review, which can easily damage your reputation. Luckily, at Dental Affiliate, we can offer our clients ReviewDoor – a new software for review management. With ReviewDoor, you can send your patients text messages or emails prompting them to review their experience. Patients who click anything below 4 stars will be asked why their visit was unsatisfactory. This review is then sent to the practice without being posted online anywhere. This allows you to follow up with the patient to apologize for their experience as well as make things right to keep them as a patient. The ReviewDoor software also does not post negative reviews without your approval. As a result, your practice’s online reputation does not have to suffer due to one negative review. For more information about our ReviewDoor software, please visit our ReviewDoor page.

How to Provide an Exceptional Experience

Most patients look forward to their dentist appointments as much as they look forward to filling up their car with gas; it’s not the most exciting experience, but it needs to be done. Providing an exceptional experience for your patients is what will keep them returning and looking forward to their visits. To start, a friendly and welcoming staff always makes patients feel more comfortable. Patients should also be walked through every procedure so they know what to expect as well as prevent any potential dental anxiety from occurring. To make the experience even better, provide extra levels of comfort to your patient like music to listen to during their appointment, TV to watch, or even blankets. As long as your patient experiences a high level of comfort, they will most likely give you a good review.

How to Handle a Bad Review

Bad reviews are inevitable; authors, chefs, musicians, and dentists all receive them. It is a matter of handling the review. For example, authors and musicians can just take the constructive criticism and either use it to improve or to simply shake it off. Dentists, on the other hand, should solely use their bad reviews as criticism for improvement. Upon receiving a bad review, the dentist or office manager should reach out to the patient and find a way to make amends. This might save you from losing a patient, and they may even delete their bad review. Bad reviews are a friendly reminder to treat all patients with individual needs.

Need Help Managing Your Reputation?

At Dental Affiliate, we offer our clients advice to handle their reputation as well as our bad review bodyguard, ReviewDoor. Stop bad reviews from going public, while acquiring more positive reviews in general. To learn more, contact us today!

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How Patient Reviews Improve SEO

Search Engine Optimization is made out of a handful of tactics. This includes website content, meta descriptions, and even patient reviews. Patient reviews are often overlooked when it comes to improving search engine rankings, but they can actually be a strong factor. We already know that patient reviews play a huge role when it comes to patients choosing a practice.  When searching for a new dentist, one negative review can divert someone away from your practice. If you have a strong SEO strategy, odds are the patient is checking out your reviews after seeing that you are at the top of search results. It’s up to you to provide the best service possible to gain the best reviews. Your patient reviews will affect your SEO as well as your business.

Create Intriguing Google Search Snippets

When your review page pops up on search results, it’s important that they showcase positive reviews and 5 stars as a way of click bait. This intriguing snippet will bring a user to your review page and if they only see good reviews, you have a better chance of them clicking onto your website. More clicks to your website from an outside source increase your SEO. Having great patient reviews, therefore, increases your potential patients and your overall SEO.

Create Unique and Fresh Content

Search engines love nothing more than fresh and unique content touching your website often. If you have a loop patient reviews running through your website, this is creating more searchable relevant keywords for Google to look at. Continue to gain new patient reviews to keep the fresh content flowing and the relevant keywords appearing.

Increase User Time On Site, Lower Bounce Rate

In today’s day and age, consumers are more likely to trust other consumers over the content on a company’s website. Therefore, your patient reviews are more valuable to your practice than any content on your website. Having patient reviews and testimonials on your website shows that you know how consumers pick their next dental practice. It allows for them gain more trust in your practice because you are showcasing the experiences of your patients, rather than hiding them from view. When a patient has a sense of trust while on your website, they will easily spend more time on it rather than clicking away. The longer a patient spends on your website, the more credible you become to search engines; thus increasing your SEO. Clicking through your website is also another way for search engines to determine if your website is useful. If there is a high bounce rate, it shows search engines that the content on the website wasn’t what they were looking for.

How Do I Gain More Reviews?

To increase your patient reviews, we have a simple solution for you. With our product ReviewDoor, you can text patients after their visit to your dentist office where they will receive a link to review their experience. The best part about this product is that the review will go straight to you before being posted on your website. Prevent negative reviews from becoming public and learn how to improve your practice. ReviewDoor automatically loops your reviews on your specified review page. All you have to do is use the software to text your patients and watch the reviews pour in. Contact us today to learn more about ReviewDoor and start gaining more positive reviews while stopping negative reviews today.

What’s So Great About Video Testimonials?

Sure, written reviews are great for your practice but they do not capture the personality and energy of the patient like a video would. In 2017, it’s projected that 74% of internet traffic will be from videos. This means that the great majority of internet users will be spending their time on the internet watching videos. This is why it’s crucial for dentists to invest in video marketing now to stay ahead of the curve. Video testimonials are a great asset to your practice’s internet presence on search engines, social media, and your own website. Learn how powerful patient testimonials can be.

Videos Appear More Sincere

It’s highly unlikely that a dental office will go out of their way to hire an actor to state how much they love their dentist, that normally only occurs on TV commercials. Video testimonials are actual patients just stating how they feel about their experience with their procedures. If a patient didn’t love their dentist or experience, they would not take time out of their day to say their message on a video. These videos are from dedicated patients, as opposed to patients who take a minute out of their day to write a review online. Both ways of reviewing are great, but videos show more dedication and sincerity.

Before and After Pictures Can Be Displayedpatient testimonial before and after

With video testimonials, you not only hear about the patient’s experience, but you get to see the results. Think of infomercials for work out DVDs, the patient testimonials are the most convincing part of the commercial. You see how an average person like yourself can transform their body into one you desire and makes the viewer believe they can achieve the same results. This works the same as patient testimonials for your dental practice, a viewer will see how your patient’s smile has been transformed and will consider getting work done for themselves.

Your Patients Will Feel Special

Let’s be honest, we all want our 5 minutes of fame. If you ask your patient to give your practice a testimonial, they will most definitely agree to help you. Even if this video will only be displayed on the internet, it is always exciting to be featured in a video. Your patient will most likely share the video with their friends and family who might be so impressed that they agree to come to your practice as well!

Videos Show How Much Your Practice Cares About Your Patients

When a patient writes a review, it shows how much the patient cares about the practice. When a patient gives a video testimonial, it not only shows how much the patient cares about their dentist, but it shows how much the dentist cares about their patient. The dentist is taking time out of their busy day to create a video of their patient’s experience and then featuring it on their website and social media.

How Do We Get Started on Creating Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials are not super complicated. Ask some of your patients who have had a good experience at your practice or a complete smile transformation if they would help your practice out by giving a testimony on camera. With our video production team at Dental Affiliate, we can create all of your video testimonies for you. All you have to worry about is creating a great experience for your patients. Contact us at Dental Affiliate today to learn how we can help you create a better online presence.