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facebook and Instagram update

This week, Facebook rolled out a new feature for business pages that allows you to reply to comments on Instagram using Facebook messenger. The best part about this update is that it is can be done on your computer! No longer will you have to type out a long comment to patients or clients on a tiny phone screen and tedious keyboard. Learn how to use this update and how you can use it to your advantage.

How Do I Access Instagram Comments on Facebook?

When you click into your business page, go up to the message box. From there, it will give you the option to connect your Instagram page. Once connected, your message box will fill up with comments from users on your page. You will then be able to reply to comments. This makes interacting on your Instagram account a little easier! Also, if you aren’t one to include hashtags on your media, you can drop some in the comments instead. Unfortunately, Instagram still has not given us access to writing captions, messaging and posting videos/photos from a computer.

Make Messages and Replies More Personal and Better Crafted

Instead of giving the shortest answer possible because you hate typing on your phone (we can all relate), take your time to craft out an informative reply users will enjoy and benefit from reading. You can also use this new feature to hold yourself accountable to reply to all your comments. This is especially valuable to businesses with many followers and have many people to respond to.

Manage Comments and Messages in One Place

If you hate jumping back between Facebook messenger, your Facebook page, and Instagram, this new update is great for you. The new Facebook inbox gives you access to messenger, your business page (for comments), and Instagram comments in one place, whether on your browser on your computer or via the Pages Manager mobile app. You have the option to view everything in one feed, or you can sort them and look through them individually. This will help whoever is managing your customer service, especially for large and busy Facebook and Instagram accounts. Having easier access to replying to messages and comments will give your page more credibility and make users happier to see how much engagement exists.

Start Using This Update Today

If you haven’t done so already, connect your Instagram account to your business Facebook page and start playing around with the new messenger to see how you can make your customer service and social media strategy even better! To stay on top of the latest news in social media, SEO and more, be sure to check back at our blog every week. Contact us at Practice Affiliate today to see how we can help take your business to the next level.


improve social media engagement

Are you posting all over Facebook and Instagram and not seeing any results? Maybe you’re only receiving a few likes but nobody comments or replies to the post. Or perhaps you are just lacking followers in the first place. We have compiled a few tips for those businesses who may be suffering from lack of engagement on their social media posts. Read on to learn more about improving social media engagement.

Post Content Your Followers Will Actually Enjoy

One way to go about doing this is by putting yourself in your customer’s/patient’s/client’s shoes. What would you want to see posted if you were them? Do some brainstorming and make a list. Your list can include anything from informational links to relevant articles, your blog, informational videos, pictures of results, testimonials and of course anything humorous is always good.

Include a Call to Action

A lot of the time people don’t comment is because they don’t feel welcome to comment. By including a call to action on your post, followers will feel more inclined to include their feelings on the subject. A call to action can be anything as simple as asking their opinion, or just to comment yes or no, or even to share their experience. Calling for engagement can also be as simple as “like this post if….”

Encourage New Followers

Encourage your patients/customers/clients to follow your pages. When they are in your business, ask them to give you a follow or a like before they leave. You can even hold a contest for new followers; for example: one lucky new follower will receive a gift card. If you send updates through email or texts, be sure to include a link and call to action to follow your social media.

Post Contests

Hold monthly contests where followers share your post or tag so many friends. The winner can win something as simple as discount from your business or a small gift card. People love free things and encouraging followers to share your page is a very cheap way to encourage new followers.

Promote Your Posts

If you are looking for the easiest way to create more engagement and are willing to spend some money, we highly encourage our clients to use sponsored postings on social media. Sponsored posts help you target your exact market. The best content for using as a sponsored posting is contests. Since contests are already the most shared content, boosting the post will more than likely draw big results.

Engage Back

If people are commenting on your posts, be sure to comment back. If you are not engaging with your audience then why would they ever comment on there again? This is also very important if someone is asking a question. This is a good time to remember how important customer service is.

Make Sure Everything is Up to Date

It’s important you update your social media information as often as you update your website and other places. Make sure your address and phone number are correct. It’s also smart to swap out your profile and cover photos regularly to show you are active on your account.

Try These Tips on Your Next Social Media Post

Start improving your social media engagement with these tips today. Need extra help? Contact us at Practice Affiliate if you would like to implement a blog on your website or other services.


social media marketing effort

If you are just posting aimlessly on social media, it’s time to stop and find out if your efforts are even worth it. Both Facebook and Instagram have great tools to show you how well your posts are doing. On Facebook, you can see statistics like how many people clicked on your link and how many people unfollowed your page after seeing that post. Being conscious of these statistics can help you see which posts are working for you, and which kind you should not be posting due to the negative consequences. Whether you are new to social media marketing or not, these tools can help you enhance your social media game.

Instagram Insights

If your business is on Instagram, you should have your account listed as a business account and have it linked up with your business’s Facebook page. This can all be done in the settings if you have not done so already. From there, Instagram will give you the option to view statistics, like how many impressions your post made, clicks on your website, top posts, profile views, call clicks, email clicks in addition to follower information like gender, age and locations. With outside tracking apps, you can also track how many people have unfollowed you and followed you. This information can help you determine what the best kinds of posts are. Maybe you are trying out a new hashtag or different caption ideas to see if it is effective—the insights tool on Instagram can help you see if it’s working. This tool can help you see what type of posts are helping you gain followers or phone calls, and which are just a waste of time to post. After seeing the insights, it might help you figure out how to make the best posts possible, which can also be used for sponsored posts.


Facebook gives a similar insight tool as Instagram that allows you to see how many people your post reached, the number of likes, comments, clicks on the link, if the post made anyone unfollow your page or change their newsfeed view settings. Like Instagram, the insights tool will help you see which posts are the most valuable for your page and which are driving traffic away. The insights tool might also be a good wakeup call that you need to start spending some money on boosted posts to help reach more people or encourage more patients/customers to like your page. If you are lost on posting ideas, read some of our other blogs to help you get started.

Contact Practice Affiliate for Social Media Help

If checking out your insights isn’t helping you figure out how to enhance your social media marketing effort, give our experts a call and we will give you our best advice for better results. Contact us today for more information on social media, post ideas and more.

facebook live

Facebook Live slowly rolled out the past year, but most Facebook users aren’t using it. The main users of Facebook Live seem to be businesses, news stations and celebrities, bands and public figures. One of the benefits of using Facebook live is that it notifies all your followers when you are live. So why not implement Facebook Live in your dentist office? Here are some ideas you can use to help you get started.

Live Stream a Procedure

Medical procedures are always fascinating to watch, especially if you don’t work in the medical field. Use Facebook Live to live stream a procedure, while also making it educational. This can be used in the future for patients who are interested in learning more about the procedure before having it done for themselves.  These don’t have to be videos that scare a patient away from a procedure, they can be anything simple from having teeth whitening to sedation dentistry.

Post Educational Videos

These can be anything from how to properly brush and floss to how to deal with a dental emergency. Your patients will appreciate this small bit of education and hopefully, use it to maintain a strong and healthy mouth.

Remind Patients to Come in for a Visit

Life happens and we forget about our dental appointments. Whether your patients forgot about their scheduled appointment or have gone over a year without scheduling a new one, a reminder is always helpful. With Facebook Live, your followers are notified when you are live. They might be interested in what their dentist is posting about, so give a fun and friendly reminder to schedule their appointments to come in for a cleaning or to address a problem they are having.

Post-Fun Going on in the Office

If there’s something fun going on in the office: a birthday celebration, holiday, or the team is just having fun, share this with your followers. Everybody likes to see people having fun at their workplace. It will make your patients more excited to come see such a fun team.

Make Announcements

If you have announcements or news to share with your patients, Facebook Live is a great place to share it. There’s something more personal about sharing news or announcements via video instead of in writing.

Show Off Technology

If you have some new technology in the office, or old technology you think you patients would be interested in learning more about, steam a Facebook Live video of it being used and how it works.

Need Help with Social Media?

Contact Dental Affiliate today if you need help with your social media management. We can help you strategize how to better market your dental office. Contact us today for social media management, custom dental websites and more!

social media post ideas

Including a great social media strategy is the best way to take your company’s online reputation to a new level. Creating engaging content is a smart way to interact more with your patients. It also makes you look good when potential patients are scoping out a new dentist. With the help of some alliteration and hashtags, we have compiled a list of great ideas for you to post daily on your social media, whether it is your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this will help you have a content idea for every day of the week.


This is one of the top trending hashtags on Mondays on social media. This is a great way to start a conversation with your patients. Post an inspiring quote or an inspiring story or image about your dental practice. On Twitter, 60% of the Motivation Monday tweets are retweets, meaning people aren’t posting their own, they are looking at others. This is a great opportunity for you to gain more followers.


Transformation Tuesday is a great excuse to post a before and after image of one of your patients. With their consent, post one of your dentist’s best cosmetic work. This might inspire a patient to call you up for a procedure or comment about a transformation they want.


Wellness Wednesday is a way to share dental health facts and advice for a healthier mouth with your patients. This can create a conversation and educate your patients.


For Thankful Thursday, post an image of a patient who is thankful for the dental work they had done, or post how thankful you are for all of your patients. You can post an image with your favorite patient and what you love about them.


Feel Good Friday is all about feeling good. This can be an excuse to post a patient who is feeling great about their smile, or a procedure that leaves patients feeling good, like a teeth whitening treatment!


On Saturday’s, post a selfie of one of your happy patients! There’s nothing your followers would rather see than the smile you have to help a patient achieve. If none of you patients wanted to take a selfie, post one of you and your coworkers having fun in the office.


If your dental office does any community service or helps low-income communities with dental care, feel free to post all about this on Sundays! Potential patients love seeing dental practices with a heart.

Lost on Ideas?

When in doubt, search trending hashtags to find inspiration for something to post. If you have a HootSuite account you can see it on there, or by searching directly on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you have any questions about social media, contact us at Dental Affiliate today!



How to Trick the Facebook News Feed Algorithm

Facebook uses an algorithm system that determines which posts are seen by Facebook followers. You might notice that a friend asked if you saw their post about their cat dancing and you have no idea what they are talking about even though you religiously check your news feed every hour. Facebook’s algorithm is responsible for you not seeing the post. This algorithm is what makes some posts go viral. If a post has a lot of reactions, likes, views, or shares, the algorithm knows to make it appear to more people. The only way you can be sure to see all posts from a specific page or person is by changing your settings for each individual page and person. Unless your patients are really dedicated to your dental practice, it’s highly unlikely they will change their settings to see all of your posts. This is where you can implement our tweaks we have discovered.

Share Popular Links/Videos

One way for your dental practice to be seen more on Facebook is to participate in sharing popular links and videos. Although we recommend keeping it semi relevant to your industry, sharing popular videos and links will show up on user’s Facebook’s feeds if their other friends have also shared it.

Post Something Bound to Get Likes or Comments

This can include a funny picture, a question, or controversial news article. When your posts start getting likes and comments, they will start appearing on more people’s news feeds as well as the friends of people who commented and liked your post.

Get More Likes for Your Business

How many people “like” your business? If only 10 people like your business and half of those are employees, your social media strategy is weak. Encourage patients to like your Facebook Page while they are waiting for their appointment. The more likes you have, the more people that will see your posts. Obtaining page likes is half the battle of showing up on news feeds. Without page likes, you don’t have an audience.

Discuss Trending Topics

How do you know what’s trending? If you click in the search bar on Facebook, it will give you a list of trending topics. Click on that and scroll through to see what’s trending now. Try to stay relevant to your business field, but chiming in about a trending topic will make you more likely to pop up on other people’s news feeds.

Tag People in Posts

For example, you might want to tag one of your patients in a before and after (with their permission). This will make your post more relevant, and also pop up on the news feeds of friends of the person you tagged.

Where Do We Begin?

Tricking Facebook’s algorithm has a lot to do with a number of likes your page has. Revamp your social media strategy and gain more visibility by simply gaining more likes. Follow our strategies above to start appearing on more news feeds.

Facebook Key Magnified Means Connect To Face BookFacebook has long-established itself as the king of social media, with large and small businesses alike flocking to Facebook to promote themselves. It’s likely that you, yourself, have a Facebook account for your business or even personal day-to-day use, but maybe it’s time you step up on your marketing efforts. When it comes to patient retention and consumer confidence, nothing is as effective as a reliable brand and a close relationship with your loyal patients. Today, with technology at your fingertips and the tools that we make accessible for our clients, it’s easier than ever to reach out to existing and new patients for the benefit of your practice.

Building a Presence

While it is easy and free to sign up for a Facebook account and create a page for your business, it’s important to know that there’s a little more to it than that. Here’s a few simple things you can do to drastically boost and enhance your reputation and page activity.

  • Post tips. Your dental patients rely on you for consult, so it’s important to make information easily available and answer questions. Simple tips can help boost activity and share your ability with your patients.
  • Write and share blog posts. While quick tips are often helpful, either writing a new post or sharing an existing blog post is an effective way to comprehensively address frequent concerns or interesting topics for your patients.
  • Post photos. A photo is worth a thousand words and tells a story. Whether it be spreading the culture of your practice or sharing the happiness you have brought to a patient, simply sharing a photo can help promote your practice and build a reputation.
  • Ask for reviews. Reviews help prospective and existing patients feel confident about the practice they have entrusted with their mouth. Simply asking your patients to like your page and leave a brief review can drastically enhance reputation and make converting new patients easier.
  • Ask questions. A key to becoming intimate with your patients is understanding their points of concern. Not only will you know what topics to discuss in your efforts, but you will be reinforcing confidence in your practice being available.

To find success in this arena, consistency is a key reason. Spending a several minutes once or twice a day can lead to very effective results and a stronger relationship with your patients. With these relationships come patient trust and loyalty, word of mouth referral, a stronger reputation leading to more prospective patients, and a better rate of conversion and retention.

At Dental Affiliate™ we strive to help our clients build confident brands and help them better connect with new and existing patients. If you’re in need of a friend in the industry, don’t hesitate to call on us.

Blogs-new-1Facebook and other forms of social media are changing the ways we interact with the world in our personal and professional lives. There’s a newfound ability to connect and engage with other people. You can build a presence for yourself online, which is a sort of community. This community exists in a non-physical space yet has a sense of the authentic relationships we build in the real world.

Many often wonder how they can give their practice a presence on Facebook that feels professional without being stodgy, and organic and fun without being flippant or silly. This would harness the potential inherent in social media, and it could make a positive impact on the practice and the patients.

Building this presence on Facebook does involve that mix of the professional and the personal. On the professional side, you’ll want to focus on the sorts of serious issues that matter to patients and their long-term care, such as your involvement in continuing education and the technology used at the practice. Yet there’s a personal side of things you can’t neglect. Every practice has a human face that’s important to show, and it comes through in the dental team, the personalities of the patients, and the way the practice interacts with the local community.

podcast48The following 15 suggestion will help you think of ways that Facebook can work for your practice. The professional and the personal sides of the equation are both covered in these suggestions, but the important thing is that you take these suggestions and then make them your own. Make your presence something fresh, exciting, and something that reflects you and your dental team. Hopefully by giving you a few ideas as a guide, you’ll be able to create the presence on Facebook that works best for you.

Facebook® Wall Tip #1.
One of the best ways to improve your practice runs is to take suggestions from your patients. Facebook comments allow for multiple patients to express concerns, so don’t be afraid to start a mutually beneficial dialog.

Facebook® Wall Tip #2.
Interact with your patients by asking a question. We don’t mean the suggestion box this time, though. Put something out there for them to ponder and talk about. It can be serious or funny as long as it gets them thinking.

Facebook® Wall Tip #3.
If there’s something on your mind that you want to discuss, a great way to do it is with a quick video. It doesn’t have to be a production. Just set the camera up, look right into the lens, and speak to your patients from the heart.

Facebook® Wall Tip #4.
When you’ve improved a smile, share it on your wall. Before and after photos are testaments to the quality of your work. Be sure to set up an album for these before and after photos for current and prospective patients to browse.

Facebook® Wall Tip #5.
Never take patient testimonials for granted. If you have any worth sharing, post them on your wall. If you can take a video of the patient delivering his or her testimonial, even better. You should also encourage your patients to post positive comments on your wall if they feel inclined.

Facebook® Wall Tip #6.
Learning new dental treatment techniques will make life better for your patients. Tell them about it online. Let your patients know how interesting it is for you and how it will be great for them.

Facebook® Wall Tip #7.
With all of the negativity in the world (and especially on the internet), it’s always a breath of fresh air when someone says something uplifting. Think about positive thoughts and affirmations you can share with patients. Give them a reason to smile.

Facebook® Wall Tip #8.
We run into interesting information everyday. If there are any facts you encounter about dental care or dental health that may be of interest to your patients, post it on your wall for them to see.

Facebook® Wall Tip #9.
You have many great personalities visiting your practice. Turn the spotlight on a patient at your office that really makes an impression. Take a photo and share his or her story briefly.

Facebook® Wall Tip #10.
Your team is essential to having a great practice. Be sure to introduce them and acknowledge them on your wall. It’s a great chance for patients to get a better sense of the practice as a whole.

Facebook® Wall Tip #11.
You all have lives inside and outside of the practice, and it’s worthwhile to give patients glimpses into the high points of your lives. Mention recent awards or honors that your practice may have received. Also be sure to highlight hobbies you and your team members may have as well as birthdays, births, marriages, anniversaries, and so on.

Facebook® Wall Tip #12.
If you’re offering new treatments or are using new dental technology at the office, give it a mention on your wall so patients can see how the practice is growing. Even little changes to the practice are worth mentioning. If you get new furniture or lighting or decide to decorate for the holidays, share that as well.

Facebook® Wall Tip #13.
The occasional prize drawing can be exciting, and you don’t need to have extravagant items available. (No one hates gift cards or movie tickets, for example.) Be sure to mention the giveaways online and at your practice.

Facebook® Wall Tip #14.
If you do any charitable work in the community or help in humanitarian efforts abroad, take time to mention it. Share the experience with patients and let them know why it matters to you.

Facebook® Wall Tip #15.
If you and your team know about any charitable events or service opportunities in the community, get involved, mention it on your wall, and see if you can get your patients to help out. You’re all part of your local community. Together, there’s potential to make a lasting positive impact.