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facebook and Instagram update

This week, Facebook rolled out a new feature for business pages that allows you to reply to comments on Instagram using Facebook messenger. The best part about this update is that it is can be done on your computer! No longer will you have to type out a long comment to patients or clients on a tiny phone screen and tedious keyboard. Learn how to use this update and how you can use it to your advantage.

How Do I Access Instagram Comments on Facebook?

When you click into your business page, go up to the message box. From there, it will give you the option to connect your Instagram page. Once connected, your message box will fill up with comments from users on your page. You will then be able to reply to comments. This makes interacting on your Instagram account a little easier! Also, if you aren’t one to include hashtags on your media, you can drop some in the comments instead. Unfortunately, Instagram still has not given us access to writing captions, messaging and posting videos/photos from a computer.

Make Messages and Replies More Personal and Better Crafted

Instead of giving the shortest answer possible because you hate typing on your phone (we can all relate), take your time to craft out an informative reply users will enjoy and benefit from reading. You can also use this new feature to hold yourself accountable to reply to all your comments. This is especially valuable to businesses with many followers and have many people to respond to.

Manage Comments and Messages in One Place

If you hate jumping back between Facebook messenger, your Facebook page, and Instagram, this new update is great for you. The new Facebook inbox gives you access to messenger, your business page (for comments), and Instagram comments in one place, whether on your browser on your computer or via the Pages Manager mobile app. You have the option to view everything in one feed, or you can sort them and look through them individually. This will help whoever is managing your customer service, especially for large and busy Facebook and Instagram accounts. Having easier access to replying to messages and comments will give your page more credibility and make users happier to see how much engagement exists.

Start Using This Update Today

If you haven’t done so already, connect your Instagram account to your business Facebook page and start playing around with the new messenger to see how you can make your customer service and social media strategy even better! To stay on top of the latest news in social media, SEO and more, be sure to check back at our blog every week. Contact us at Practice Affiliate today to see how we can help take your business to the next level.


Instagram archive feature

Instagram’s last update unveiled lots of new features such as face filters and stickers that can be used on stories. In addition, Instagram also gave users the ability to archive their photos/videos . The archive tool is great for businesses who do not want to delete their content, but would like to clean up the appearance of their profile or only have certain content visible at certain times. Learn more about how you can use the archive feature to clean up your Instagram account and use it to your advantage.

Hide Old and Irrelevant Content

This applies to both businesses and personal lives: if you have old content that is no longer relevant to your business, or life, instead of deleting it forever, just simply archive it. That way you don’t have to worry about the photo/video being deleted forever, but it simply put in an archive nobody can see. Maybe you have videos or photos of old employees or content that doesn’t fit in with the standard of your company anymore. Don’t delete it, just archive it! When you archive content, only YOU can view your archived content.

Archive Specials

Maybe you are running a special at your business and when it ends you normally delete the posting. Instead of deleting it, just archive it. Then if you want to have that special going again, unarchive the post. This will allow it to be found under hashtags and your profile once more.

Archive Old Business

Maybe you parted ways with a business associate and you had photos of their business or something related on your Instagram account, like a relationship, instead of deleting all evidence of the partnership, simply archive the posts. You never know if your business relationship will be rekindled. In the event the partnership is resumed, you can always unarchive your posts to make it look like nothing ever happened.

Clean Up Your Brand

This is a smart way to clean up your profile without having to permanently say goodbye to all your memories. You can archive old posts with outdated designs or low-quality photos that give your brand a bad image. From here, you can make sure all your posts are consistently great, so if a user does scroll through your content, they will see the same consistent brand which gives you more credibility as a business.

Try It Yourself

This is a nudge for you to go through both your business and personal accounts to archive anything you don’t want other people looking at. Clean up your brand without saying goodbye to old memories. Need more social media advice? Contact us at Practice Affiliate to talk to our social media experts today.

improve social media engagement

Are you posting all over Facebook and Instagram and not seeing any results? Maybe you’re only receiving a few likes but nobody comments or replies to the post. Or perhaps you are just lacking followers in the first place. We have compiled a few tips for those businesses who may be suffering from lack of engagement on their social media posts. Read on to learn more about improving social media engagement.

Post Content Your Followers Will Actually Enjoy

One way to go about doing this is by putting yourself in your customer’s/patient’s/client’s shoes. What would you want to see posted if you were them? Do some brainstorming and make a list. Your list can include anything from informational links to relevant articles, your blog, informational videos, pictures of results, testimonials and of course anything humorous is always good.

Include a Call to Action

A lot of the time people don’t comment is because they don’t feel welcome to comment. By including a call to action on your post, followers will feel more inclined to include their feelings on the subject. A call to action can be anything as simple as asking their opinion, or just to comment yes or no, or even to share their experience. Calling for engagement can also be as simple as “like this post if….”

Encourage New Followers

Encourage your patients/customers/clients to follow your pages. When they are in your business, ask them to give you a follow or a like before they leave. You can even hold a contest for new followers; for example: one lucky new follower will receive a gift card. If you send updates through email or texts, be sure to include a link and call to action to follow your social media.

Post Contests

Hold monthly contests where followers share your post or tag so many friends. The winner can win something as simple as discount from your business or a small gift card. People love free things and encouraging followers to share your page is a very cheap way to encourage new followers.

Promote Your Posts

If you are looking for the easiest way to create more engagement and are willing to spend some money, we highly encourage our clients to use sponsored postings on social media. Sponsored posts help you target your exact market. The best content for using as a sponsored posting is contests. Since contests are already the most shared content, boosting the post will more than likely draw big results.

Engage Back

If people are commenting on your posts, be sure to comment back. If you are not engaging with your audience then why would they ever comment on there again? This is also very important if someone is asking a question. This is a good time to remember how important customer service is.

Make Sure Everything is Up to Date

It’s important you update your social media information as often as you update your website and other places. Make sure your address and phone number are correct. It’s also smart to swap out your profile and cover photos regularly to show you are active on your account.

Try These Tips on Your Next Social Media Post

Start improving your social media engagement with these tips today. Need extra help? Contact us at Practice Affiliate if you would like to implement a blog on your website or other services.


instagram captions

If you post consistently on your Instagram account and find that your posts aren’t delivering the results you want, maybe there aren’t very many likes, or any comments, it might be time to switch up your caption strategy. A compelling caption can push user engagement in the areas you want. Instagram’s algorithm currently displays posts not in the order of when they were posted, but displays them based on what the audience will most likely be interested in. This means that photos/videos with more likes and comments will be more likely to pop up in the feed than those without. Find out what you can do to enhance your Instagram caption strategy.

Know Your Audience

Every business has an ideal audience, if you are a dentist, your audience might be everyone, or perhaps you want to increase your dentures business so your audience shifts towards older patients. Regardless of who your audience is, your caption should be easy to understand. This means leave the doctor talk in the office. Your caption should give your audience enough information to tell them what your media is about without giving them an information overload. Once you know who your audience is, you can craft your captions to address them more directly.

Brand Your Voice

When coming up with your social media strategy, it is wise to make a list of adjectives that describe your business. For example, your dental office is: friendly, comforting, and fun. Look at your list of adjectives and make sure the voice you are using in your captions can be described using the same adjectives. This is now your brand’s voice and it’s important to consistently use it throughout all social media to establish it.


Most people scroll through their Instagram feeds at a fast pace so it’s important to keep your captions short and to the point. It’s unlikely that someone will read a caption of 3,500 characters. Instagram is a media gallery, therefore let your media do the talking. If your photo is worth a thousand words, let your caption be worth as few as possible. Regarding length, keep all the most valuable information at the beginning of the caption that way users don’t miss anything.

Edit – Rewrite – Repeat

No good writer submits a never been edited manuscript to a publisher; you should treat your Instagram captions the same way. After writing your caption, reread it and delete any words that are unnecessary or don’t contribute to the message. Make your caption as concise and to the point as possible to maintain user’s interest.

Hashtag Well

It’s proven that photos/videos on Instagram that contain hashtags have more engagement than media without. Therefore, you should almost try to hashtag on every piece of media. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. Keep your hashtags relevant to your content, so if you post a picture of a before and after of dental implants your hashtags should contain: #beforeandafter #dentalimplants #dentistry. Read more about hashtags in a past blog here. We also recommend hashtags be posted at the very bottom of the caption or in the comments for aesthetic purposes.

Ask a Question or Encourage Engagement

The best way to enhance user engagement is simply by asking for it. Ask your followers what they think of the post, or if they agree with it, to tag a friend, etc. You can ask a yes or no question, an open-ended question or even a trivia question. There are plenty of ways to encourage engagement, you just need to use your imagination. Not only will engagement help Instagram’s algorithm so more people see your posts, it will help drive more users to your page.

Start Writing Better Captions Today

Now that you know how to write better captions, it’s time to start taking action. After following our advice, watch to see how engagement and user activity changes on your Instagram channel. For more social media advice, contact our consultants at Practice Affiliate today and be sure to check our blog every week for more internet marketing advice.

instagram update: face filters

After stealing ideas from Snapchat by implementing stories, stickers and Snapchat’s other best features, Instagram has once again stolen from Snapchat. The new update allows users to apply fun face filters to photos, videos and boomerangs that can be posted either in stories or through direct messaging. Instagram continues to steal ideas away from Snapchat in the hopes that users won’t venture away to other apps. Their competition with Snapchat isn’t slowing down their growth. Instagram recently just surpassed over 700 million users, making it the 3rd most used social media platform behind YouTube and the leading Facebook.

What Does This Update Mean for Businesses?

Sure, this update is fun for personal lives, but you might be wondering how this is going to help your social media marketing efforts. The face filters are great for showcasing how fun your workplace can be. These filters help you create a perfect excuse to take a selfie with patients or coworkers and can apply a little humor to your usual serious marketing. Theses filters can help you get creative with your marketing as well as have fun while doing it. Currently, there are filters that give you glasses, change your nose, place a crown on top of your head, give you animal ears and more. It works just like Snapchat’s face filters; just point the camera at a face and your camera should easily recognize it and give you the ability to choose filters.

Another New Fun Feature: Rewind Videos & Hashtag Sticker

In addition to stealing face filters, Instagram now lets you play videos in reverse for a new fun effect—another Snapchat feature. This is another feature that can help you get more creative with your postings. Instagram also made a new customizable hashtag sticker. This helps users more easily see and click on hashtags that you place on your pictures. This is great for marketing, especially if you use a unique hashtag that you have on all your postings. This will cause users to see everything you have posted under this hashtag and as a result spend more time on your profile.

What About Snapchat?

Instagram already has more than double the users than Snapchat, so it’s only a matter of time before Snapchat users make the final switch to just Instagram. Although stealing ideas is frowned upon, it seems to be working out in the favor of Instagram.

Check Our Blog for More Info

Want to stay updated on the latest in social media, SEO and websites? Be sure to check out our Practice Affiliate blog each week to see find out the most relevant news for your business. If you have questions about this Instagram update or need help with social media, be sure to contact our experts today.

sensitive blurred photos

As an effort to keep Instagram as a safe space for users, the latest update includes blurring photos deemed to be sensitive. Now when photos are flagged, Instagram will blur them if they are sensitive. This is great news for doctors who regularly have their content deleted due to graphic material. It should be noted that all photos must still adhere to Instagram guidelines (no nudity, violent, hateful, or pornographic content). In the end, this new feature will help people prevent their photos from being deleted when they still adhere to the Instagram guidelines.

What is Considered Sensitive Content?

Although Instagram’s blog doesn’t state what is considered sensitive content, it does state that content must still adhere to the guidelines. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, we can assume that the same content will be censored on Instagram that is censored on Facebook. This includes medical videos of surgeries, graphic news/documentaries, humanitarian crises, war in a local community, etc. This update will still not allow users to post nudity, female nipples, or any pornographic material.

How Does It Work?

When scrolling through content, a user will have the option to flag the photo/video as “disturbing” instead of flagging it for violating the terms. Instagram reviewers will confirm the photo/video does not violate the guidelines, and if it doesn’t but should be warned as sensitive, the blurred image filter will be placed over it. This will make the photo blur with a warning over it. From there, the user will need to click “view” to see the unblurred image/video. This helps prevent users from seeing any content that may offend them without ruining the experience of other users who may enjoy the content.

What Are the Benefits of This Update?

First off, if you are a doctor or post medical content this is great news! This means if you experience photos being deleted often from users flagging it, you will most likely be able to keep all your future posts up, they will just be listed as sensitive. Another benefit is it helps users feel safe. Users can go through their feed without worrying about seeing something graphic that may offend or trigger unwanted emotions. Overall, this update will help all Instagram users have a better experience.

Stay on Top of Instagram Updates

At Practice Affiliate, we want our clients to always be on top of all Instagram and social media updates. Make sure to check our blog out weekly to learn the latest about social media, SEO, and internet marketing trends. Contact us today if you have any burning social media questions; we are happy to help!

social media marketing effort

If you are just posting aimlessly on social media, it’s time to stop and find out if your efforts are even worth it. Both Facebook and Instagram have great tools to show you how well your posts are doing. On Facebook, you can see statistics like how many people clicked on your link and how many people unfollowed your page after seeing that post. Being conscious of these statistics can help you see which posts are working for you, and which kind you should not be posting due to the negative consequences. Whether you are new to social media marketing or not, these tools can help you enhance your social media game.

Instagram Insights

If your business is on Instagram, you should have your account listed as a business account and have it linked up with your business’s Facebook page. This can all be done in the settings if you have not done so already. From there, Instagram will give you the option to view statistics, like how many impressions your post made, clicks on your website, top posts, profile views, call clicks, email clicks in addition to follower information like gender, age and locations. With outside tracking apps, you can also track how many people have unfollowed you and followed you. This information can help you determine what the best kinds of posts are. Maybe you are trying out a new hashtag or different caption ideas to see if it is effective—the insights tool on Instagram can help you see if it’s working. This tool can help you see what type of posts are helping you gain followers or phone calls, and which are just a waste of time to post. After seeing the insights, it might help you figure out how to make the best posts possible, which can also be used for sponsored posts.


Facebook gives a similar insight tool as Instagram that allows you to see how many people your post reached, the number of likes, comments, clicks on the link, if the post made anyone unfollow your page or change their newsfeed view settings. Like Instagram, the insights tool will help you see which posts are the most valuable for your page and which are driving traffic away. The insights tool might also be a good wakeup call that you need to start spending some money on boosted posts to help reach more people or encourage more patients/customers to like your page. If you are lost on posting ideas, read some of our other blogs to help you get started.

Contact Practice Affiliate for Social Media Help

If checking out your insights isn’t helping you figure out how to enhance your social media marketing effort, give our experts a call and we will give you our best advice for better results. Contact us today for more information on social media, post ideas and more.

instagram albums

On Wednesday, February 22, Instagram finally released the highly-anticipated update that allows users to create albums of photos. We already gave our readers some ideas of how they can use this update to their advantage when we first read about the rumors of it. Check out that blog entry for those ideas. Now that we have the update, here is everything you need to know about Instagram albums.

Choose Up to 10 Videos or Images

To create an album, all you need to do is click on the camera button to create a post as usual; however, it will give you the option to choose up to 10 images or videos. From there, you can edit and tag each photo and/or video as needed. The album only allows one caption per post, so the entire collection will have the same caption even though they can have individual tags and edits. Make sure your caption and hashtags are relevant to all the photos and/or videos.

How Do Hashtags & Locations Work?

Let’s say someone is searching under either the location or hashtag you tagged your album under, in the search results, instead of each photo/video showing up individually, the search results will show it as an album. This will allow a user to click onto the cover photo, and from there swipe through your album.

Albums Do Not Work with the Repost App

If you regularly use the Repost app for any reason, you should be warned that the Repost app is currently not compatible with Instagram albums. This means you cannot repost an entire album at once. Users are hoping Repost is working on an update that will allow this to happen in the future, but the Instagram update is still fresh so it may take some time.

How Do I Know If I See an Album?

For those who are not social media savvy, Instagram made a small album icon that goes over the cover image to indicate that there is a collection of photos/videos for other users to swipe through. There are also dots under the picture to indicate how many photos/videos are in the collection.

Now What?

Now that you are up to speed on the latest Instagram update, it’s time to start using it to your advantage. Think of ways you can transform your social media strategy without spamming your followers with posts. You can easily tell a story with your album, transformations of a patient, or multiple pictures of an event. If you are not sure where you should begin with your social media strategy, contact Practice Affiliate for social media management advice from our experts.

instagram update

Instagram is constantly changing and giving us updates that can change our entire marketing strategy. For example, over the past year, Instagram has introduced Instagram Stories, and Instagram Live. These have allowed businesses to bring their followers directly into their offices to view procedures, get to know the staff, and be educated without spamming followers with posts directly on their feed. The next rumored update is albums of pictures.

Photo Albums? Why Should I Care?

Perhaps you have seen photo albums already on Instagram, they are usually on sponsored ads. They allow you to swipe through multiple pictures without losing your place in the feed. A photo album will let users post up to 10 photos or videos at one time into one gallery. Users can choose a different filter for each image/video. This is great for businesses who want to showcase one procedure in many different images and videos but don’t want to spam their followers with multiple posts.

What Can I Do with a Photo Album?

This is a complete game changer. With photo albums, instead of single posts, you can choose to show your results in many different angles, post different video snippets of the procedure, and even education photos/videos. The possibilities are endless with photo albums because you don’t have to worry about posting too often and having your followers be annoyed.

What Don’t We Know?

There is no information available regarding captions on the photo albums. We aren’t sure if you can create individual captions and add tags, locations, and hashtags per each post or if there is only one caption, tag, and location for the entire album. If there is only one caption for the album, we question if all the photos and videos will show up under the hashtags, or does the entire album? Until this update rolls out, we can’t be certain of its potential.

When Should I Look Out for This Update?

The photo album update is rumored to still be in development and testing. There is no information about when it will start rolling out to android and apple users. As soon as the update takes place, you can be sure to learn everything there is to know about it from us. Stay tuned!

Need Help Managing Your Social Media?

Whether you need help creating an image to post, creating an account, or just need some guidance, at Practice Affiliate, we are there for you. Contact our social media experts today to learn how we can help you. Be sure to visit our blog every week to find out the latest updates in marketing, Instagram, and SEO.

Instagram advertisements

When it comes to advertising on Instagram, there are two routes you can take. The first route involves advertising directly through Instagram via sponsored postings. The second route is contacting popular Instagram pages and paying them to post content for your page. Find out which of these is best for your business and how much you should be spending.

Sponsored Instagram Posts

These are the posts you see when going through your feed with “sponsored” labeled at the top. Users set these ads up through their business Facebook pages by choosing their demographics and target audience. From here you can choose your audience’s gender, age range and more. These advertisements can be a bit on the pricey side since they are pay per click. We recommend only those with a large marketing budget use this type of Instagram advertisement because it can cost companies in the hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Advertising on Large Accounts

If you follow any celebrity, you most likely have come across an ad. These usually include the celebrity using a certain product and tagging the product’s page in the description. Other ways of advertisement include reposts, or posts of original content for your business’s page on a large account. This helps businesses reach the entire audience of the account they are posting on. A good example of this is @plasticsurgery’s account. This account features different case studies from plastic surgeons on Instagram. All the followers of this account are either doctors or people who are interested in plastic surgery or even getting plastic surgery. By advertising with an account like this, you are reaching your entire target audience.

How Much Do Large Accounts Charge for Posts?

Let’s say you find an account you want to advertise with; send them a message with an inquiry about ad prices. Prices are usually based on the number of followers the account has and how many impressions each post makes. The larger the account, the more you should expect to pay. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to find an account that will let you pay for weekly postings. Buying in bulk usually helps drop the price. To find out how much you should be paying for these posts, accounts usually charge between $5-10 per 10,000 followers; however, if the account has low user engagement they might charge less, or more if they receive a lot of user engagement/impressions.

Need Help with Instagram Advertisements? We Can Help

If you are interested in advertising on Instagram through sponsored postings or want to learn how to be featured on large accounts like @cosmeticdentists and @plasticsurgery, contact Practice Affiliate today. Our social media experts can help you achieve your marketing goals with Instagram advertisements, contact us today.