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What’s So Great About Video Testimonials?

Sure, written reviews are great for your practice but they do not capture the personality and energy of the patient like a video would. In 2017, it’s projected that 74% of internet traffic will be from videos. This means that the great majority of internet users will be spending their time on the internet watching videos. This is why it’s crucial for dentists to invest in video marketing now to stay ahead of the curve. Video testimonials are a great asset to your practice’s internet presence on search engines, social media, and your own website. Learn how powerful patient testimonials can be.

Videos Appear More Sincere

It’s highly unlikely that a dental office will go out of their way to hire an actor to state how much they love their dentist, that normally only occurs on TV commercials. Video testimonials are actual patients just stating how they feel about their experience with their procedures. If a patient didn’t love their dentist or experience, they would not take time out of their day to say their message on a video. These videos are from dedicated patients, as opposed to patients who take a minute out of their day to write a review online. Both ways of reviewing are great, but videos show more dedication and sincerity.

Before and After Pictures Can Be Displayedpatient testimonial before and after

With video testimonials, you not only hear about the patient’s experience, but you get to see the results. Think of infomercials for work out DVDs, the patient testimonials are the most convincing part of the commercial. You see how an average person like yourself can transform their body into one you desire and makes the viewer believe they can achieve the same results. This works the same as patient testimonials for your dental practice, a viewer will see how your patient’s smile has been transformed and will consider getting work done for themselves.

Your Patients Will Feel Special

Let’s be honest, we all want our 5 minutes of fame. If you ask your patient to give your practice a testimonial, they will most definitely agree to help you. Even if this video will only be displayed on the internet, it is always exciting to be featured in a video. Your patient will most likely share the video with their friends and family who might be so impressed that they agree to come to your practice as well!

Videos Show How Much Your Practice Cares About Your Patients

When a patient writes a review, it shows how much the patient cares about the practice. When a patient gives a video testimonial, it not only shows how much the patient cares about their dentist, but it shows how much the dentist cares about their patient. The dentist is taking time out of their busy day to create a video of their patient’s experience and then featuring it on their website and social media.

How Do We Get Started on Creating Video Testimonials?

Video testimonials are not super complicated. Ask some of your patients who have had a good experience at your practice or a complete smile transformation if they would help your practice out by giving a testimony on camera. With our video production team at Dental Affiliate, we can create all of your video testimonies for you. All you have to worry about is creating a great experience for your patients. Contact us at Dental Affiliate today to learn how we can help you create a better online presence.

Video Marketing for DentistsSure you’ve heard of email marketing, but what about video marketing? Since the invention of smartphones, society has shifted from reading written language on paper to being glued to screens, whether for reading, playing games or watching videos. Marketing has evolved with technology, therefore resulting in the recent trend of video marketing. According to data from Syndacastby 2017, 74% of the internet’s traffic will be from videos. This doesn’t mean that there will be a significant increase in cat videos (not that I would complain), but it means that consumers will be using their time on the internet mainly for watching videos.

What exactly is video marketing?

In the dental world, it can be anything from patient testimonials, procedure overviews, a dancing toothbrush or any other video content marketing your practice. These videos will be posted on your website and social media linking to your website. Social media is key for video marketing because it’s where most people share and view videos. Think about your current Facebook newsfeed, how many posts are of videos? And how many videos do you watch? If you’re anything like me, at least half of your feed is video and if the subject catches your eye, or a friend tags you in it, you will most likely watch it. Humor is also a great approach to gain views and shares.

How can videos benefit my dental practice?

Video Production for DentistsAfter someone views your video, what do you think they will do next? If they are viewing it on social media, they will most likely go to your page and eventually your website—resulting in higher website traffic. When someone is searching for a new dentist, they would rather watch a patient testimonial than reading one on the dentist’s website. A video testimonial will seem less forced, more personal and honest. Videos also help the prospective patient get a feel for what the environment and employees at the dentist office are like.

What kind of videos should your dental office be hosting?

First, a welcome video. You can introduce the staff, office and the dentist(s) that the patients will be visiting. Second, patient testimonial videos. In these videos, you can have patients describe their experiences at the dentist office. You can even feature some before and after photos on these videos as well. Third, videos describing special procedures or technology that is offered. Fourth, informative and fun videos—you can get creative here. For example, demonstrate how to properly brush and floss your teeth. Each of these types of videos will not only enhance your website and online presence, but also your social media. Every time your video has been liked or shared, it will reach a larger audience—thus resulting in more prospective patients.

So how can you get ahead of the game?

Video Marketing (VSEO) and Production by Dental Affiliate®Start making videos now! They don’t have to be long and extravagant, they just need to catch the attention of potential and current patients. Lucky for you, we specialize in video marketing here at Dental Affiliate. You can view some of our creations here. Let us help you take part in this marketing evolution, contact us today!