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Text Your Patients – Make it Easy to Get 5-Star Reviews
 and Prevent Negative Reviews From Going Public

Through a Simple Text Message, Earn More 5-Star Reviews

ReviewDoor Gives You Control Over Your Online Reputation

Did you have a great appointment? With ReviewDoor, you can send a quick text message to your patient’s phone! Simply use your custom-developed Marketing Dashboard to choose which review site you want your patient to visit, and send a pre-formatted text message that includes a convenient, clickable link.

admin panel

To Promote Positive 5-Star Reviews, We’ve Boiled It Down To 4 Easy To Follow Steps

Step 1
 Patient receives a text after their visit
Step 2
 Then They Choose A Star Rating
leaving review
Step 3
After That, They Write About Their Experience
choose your review site
Step 4
Lastly, They Choose Where to Share
display reviews on your website

Feature Your Best 5-STAR Reviews on Your Website

Utilize the 4-5 star reviews by displaying them on your site, increasing trust between you and a potential patient.

Example Website

If a Patient Tries to Leave a Negative Review, What Happens?

With ReviewDoor, Your Practice Can Prevent Negative Reviews from Going Public, and at the Same Time Promote 4 and 5 Star Reviews
Step 1
 Patient receives a text after their visit
two star review example
Step 2
If a rating lower than 3 stars is selected, they are presented with step 3
Step 3
Instead of being offered the option of going to a social media site, they are prompted to leave feedback
feedback page after suggestion is finished
Step 4
The feedback they provided is then sent directly to you via text or email instead of it being displayed publicly. Giving you a chance to resolve whatever issue the patient had

100% Social Media Integration With Customer Support

Encourages Patients To Share Their Positive Experiences To People They Know. We Call This The New Word Of Mouth Referral System

social media tie in with your reviews

What You Can Expect From REVIEWDOOR™

More Positive Reviews

 You want more positive reviews on Google and Yelp, as these are some of the first places people look before going into a new practice

Less Negative Reviews

 You want the least amount of negative reviews possible on Google and Yelp, as these can be a bad “first impression” on potential patients

Patients Will Love It!

They will enjoy how easy it is to leave a review for you! This will increase interactions with and boost your practice’s online presence

Interested in REVIEWDOOR™?

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