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Social Media Marketing

Create Conversations and Build Relationships


Brand & Practice Advocacy

If you’re not actively involved in monitoring your dental practice’s digital presence, competitors, and industry, there is someone else who is. Another person is engaging with and influencing your prospective patients. You have the power to become a key influencer and frame conversations. We want to help you amplify this power.

Promote Patient Specials & Practice Info

Social media can provide you with another medium to share patient success stories, inform patients of new technologies and procedures, post before and after photos, and increase website traffic.

Build Stronger Relationships with Patients

Enhance patient-doctor communication by interacting with your patients via social media. If your patients have positive experiences with you, they will likely spread the word to their own social networks. You can follow up and expand your own network. Hopefully, your happy patients will express their appreciation through likes, links, or referrals.

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Trust Us With Your Social Media Campaign

It’s More Than Just a “Post”

Social media is no longer something that can be completed by an intern, and it is not something that one person can successfully execute. The amount of work and number of people required for successful social media campaigns is often underestimated. Our team collaborates with a variety of our departments to strategically plan, create, and implement social media tactics.

What’s included

  • Setup of social profiles or enhancing existing profiles
  • Editorial calendar planning
  • Customized posts for your practice
  • A variety of weekly posts published to Google+, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Unique graphics
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Ad buying and campaign management
  • A dedicated social strategist

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