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Optimize Your Dental Office’s Facebook

If you are not regularly using social media for your dental practice, then you are missing out on lots of opportunity for marketing. Social media is where you can alert your patients of specials you are having, any office news or any other share worthy information. Half the battle of using social media to your advantage includes gaining a solid follower base. Once you gain enough followers, your posts will accumulate more value. There are several methods you can use to gain a larger social media crowd.

Ask Patients in Office

When your patients are in your office for a visit, have whoever is operating the front desk to take the opportunity to ask your patients to like your Facebook page while they wait for their appointment. Depending on how many patients you see a day, this can help you gain a like for every patient you see.

Send Out an Email

If you have a record of all of your patients that include email addresses, send out an email with a link to your Facebook page asking them to Like it. More than likely, they will click the Like button at your request.

Use Appointment Reminder Cards

Appointment reminder cards are great ways to not only remind patients of when their next appointment is, but something physical for them to hold and look at. This card can contain the link to your Facebook page and a small reminder for patients to Like you. This can be a card that is given after the appointment or even one that is mailed to the patient.

Give Patients an Incentive

Doing something as easy as Liking a page can sometimes be a hard task for some people. Giving your patients an incentive to like your page, or a reward can push them a little more to go and Like you. It can be something simple like a free toothbrush or offer a selected random person who liked your page as the winner of a gift card. Tell your patients if they like your Facebook page, they will unlock a special offer or discount. Any incentive helps both current patients and prospective patients like your page.

How More Followers Helps You

So what’s the point of acquiring more followers for your dental practice? One, it makes your dentist office look more credible. Potential patients will see your high amount of followers and associate that with happy patients. Two, you have a larger audience to market new products, procedures, and other information. Three, you have more people who will review their experience at your dentist office. When a patient constantly sees posts from their dentist office on their Facebook feed, they are more likely to go and review their experience. Contact us at Dental Affiliate if you need help setting up your social media profiles or need custom made appointment reminder cards. Be sure to Like Us on Facebook too!


How to Trick the Facebook News Feed Algorithm

Facebook uses an algorithm system that determines which posts are seen by Facebook followers. You might notice that a friend asked if you saw their post about their cat dancing and you have no idea what they are talking about even though you religiously check your news feed every hour. Facebook’s algorithm is responsible for you not seeing the post. This algorithm is what makes some posts go viral. If a post has a lot of reactions, likes, views, or shares, the algorithm knows to make it appear to more people. The only way you can be sure to see all posts from a specific page or person is by changing your settings for each individual page and person. Unless your patients are really dedicated to your dental practice, it’s highly unlikely they will change their settings to see all of your posts. This is where you can implement our tweaks we have discovered.

Share Popular Links/Videos

One way for your dental practice to be seen more on Facebook is to participate in sharing popular links and videos. Although we recommend keeping it semi relevant to your industry, sharing popular videos and links will show up on user’s Facebook’s feeds if their other friends have also shared it.

Post Something Bound to Get Likes or Comments

This can include a funny picture, a question, or controversial news article. When your posts start getting likes and comments, they will start appearing on more people’s news feeds as well as the friends of people who commented and liked your post.

Get More Likes for Your Business

How many people “like” your business? If only 10 people like your business and half of those are employees, your social media strategy is weak. Encourage patients to like your Facebook Page while they are waiting for their appointment. The more likes you have, the more people that will see your posts. Obtaining page likes is half the battle of showing up on news feeds. Without page likes, you don’t have an audience.

Discuss Trending Topics

How do you know what’s trending? If you click in the search bar on Facebook, it will give you a list of trending topics. Click on that and scroll through to see what’s trending now. Try to stay relevant to your business field, but chiming in about a trending topic will make you more likely to pop up on other people’s news feeds.

Tag People in Posts

For example, you might want to tag one of your patients in a before and after (with their permission). This will make your post more relevant, and also pop up on the news feeds of friends of the person you tagged.

Where Do We Begin?

Tricking Facebook’s algorithm has a lot to do with a number of likes your page has. Revamp your social media strategy and gain more visibility by simply gaining more likes. Follow our strategies above to start appearing on more news feeds.